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I like the tight knit community that James Monroe is apart of. A few of the teachers are immature, while the rest of the teachers pour their heart into their lessons and care for the students as they are their own.
James Monroe High School has about 98percent white students and others about 2 percent. We have a lot country people that go to our school. We have courses that you can take to get ready for college. We also offer online class for people who need a college class or another credit that is not offer. The guidance counselor make sure you have the class you need and graduate on time.
I liked only a few of the teachers but what I hated the most was the lack of support for students who weren't "good kids" although they may not have the best grades or being very involved it wasn't right for the teachers to just not care about that student. I hate when teachers pick their favorites and then everything just becomes a popularity contest. It isn't fair to those students who are trying but aren't showing any results because they aren't getting the right attention from their teachers.
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James Monroe has an amazing staff who are always willing to help a student one on one, there is never a time when I feel like I have no one to go to. The guidance counselors are always in their offices and ready to help a struggling or confused student and you're never made to feel like you do not fit in. It is a small community and everyone knows everybody. You always have someone to turn to whenever you're struggling in class or just need a friend to talk to. James Monroe offers an amazing education for anyone.
I liked all my classes ,but I would change art class to free range because I love art but it’s hard drawing what someone wants you to instead of what your good at.
Staff is usually friendly but the kids that go there are good kids. Always willing to help and pull together when a tragedy strikes. You won't see kneeling kids at the high school games either.
I enjoyed attending James Monroe. It is a nice school, with friendly & helpful teachers and administrators. It is a small school, so it is easy to get to know a lot of students in all four grade levels. Many interesting activities are offered, such as band, FFA, sports, YLA, etc.
I only went here for a small amount of time, but while I was there it was a pretty good school. Everyone was nice and willing to help me find my way to class. I Would go back if I could.
My experience with James Monroe High School was fairly decent. The thing I liked best about James Monroe was their music program. All for years I participated within the music program and all four years it was a wonderful experience. The teacher and students that were in the program really made it special because both were so passionate about music.
I absolutely love JMHS! We have a great academic program, sports, and the student body is phenomenal!
Faculty here at James Monroe are careless. The breaking of rules has been disregarded for so long that new teachers do not even know there are certain rules.
The school itself is okay in some points, but for the most part is been good. I wouldn't give it a great rating, but it's a school I would recommend for others to attend.
The policies set in place are okay in some circumstances, but a lot of times things get pushed under the rug and are never really dealt with first hand.
there aren't that many different sports, more variety would be good.
the principal is a very nice person, but can be harsh if needed.
The building itslef is in great shape and fairly attractive and welcome looking. Technology is available and used in classes regularly. Guidance counselors are helpful and readily available, at least in my experience. All the teachers that I have had have been helpful and instructive. My only complaint is that I see too many kids chewing tobacco on school property go uncaught.
If your parent works or knows the principal then there is preferrential treatment for your child. Just the way it is in small town schools.
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The health and safety policies are standard and enforced consistently.
The academics offered are middle of the road.
The school food is average at best.
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