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It's probably the best high school in the area of Fredericksburg. The academics are the best with some great sports teams to go along with it. All around a very diverse school with many different cultures.
We have good programs that can ready you for college. We are also an IB school and the IB class really get us ready for the college mindset because you teach yourself. The activities we have at our school are also fun. We have movie night and dodgeball tournaments that everyone gets involved in.
James Monroe High School is the only high school in Fredericksburg. There is a lot of diversity, and most of the students and faculty are easy to get along with.
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James Monroe high school is very open to new things. There are many activities and opportunities for everyone.
Moving to Fredericksburg from Stafford wasn't that exciting for me. I missed all my friends and was worried about participating in the same things I did in Stafford. My freshmen year was pretty decent, I was apart of the JV Cheerleading team, and I was in DECA. My sophomore year was a step up, I played basketball and was still in DECA. Junior year was even better, it was a struggle but the school activities made it tolerable and fun. I ran track was apart of DECA and made friends along the way. The teachers really take the time out to understand you not only as a student, but as a person. I couldn't have asked for a better place to spend my last four years of being a kid then at James Monroe High School.
James Monroe High School is a great school because it is uplifting community. The students have access to a great education and are surrounded by positivity and school spirit. It is not too big of a school and the interior/exterior is clean and welcoming. The faculty is caring towards their students and puts their best efforts for the students' education; Fredericksburg is a community that is supportive to the school and its students.
I love James Monroe High School. As a alum, I appreciate all that they have done and continue to do for their students. Through guidance and knowledge, they prepare students for not only college, but real life. There is nothing that I would change about the James Monroe High School.
This is a very god schools with a very good education system. It is a smaller district, so everyone is used to being around each other and you often see your old teachers from other schools. The International Baccalaureate program is very rushed and new, but it is getting better. It is still a great experience and a wonderful school system to be part of.
At James Monroe there is a good atmosphere and people. The teachers are kind and help in anyway they can and so do the other staff in the building.
This is school is very diverse! It's located in a small town so everyone is close and knows eachother. Jayem has a lot of pride and it has a very strong community.
Personally, my experience there was not that good. It was a different setting than what I was used to in a high school setting. I was new my junior year and administrators and teachers were not very helpful. I was not given a tour and I kind of felt as if I had to figure it out on my own because I was not a Freshman. There was a lot of disorganization in administration and the counselors were terrible. Either they were not there, confusing, or not very helpful.
Even though James Monroe had 1,000 students, everyone knew each other. With only one school system in the city, many of us have gone to school together since elementary school.
Overall I loved JM, but the counselor need to assist more in college readiness. As a student, I had to reach out to counselors for information about scholarship and taking my SAT.
I found out that I was going to become a teen parent in 11th grade I had my son in 12th grade I also breast-fed my son the school never help me with making my dreams come true even though I was becoming a mom breast-feeding my son was extremely hard while going to school it became very hard to make it possible to try to breast-feed my son and do what I thought as a mother was best for him there was never any support from teachers principals or really any of the staff there was one person that became a mom at the age of 15 she was somebody I could relate to somebody who understood what I was going to on a day-to-day bases just someone that I could talk to and relieve some of my stress and someone to tell me that everything was going to be OK because she already lived it and everything is going to get better just keep being a good mom do what you feel is right for your son and you and now I'm graduated going to college and still breast-feeding
James Monroe is actually a very interesting and fun environment for many students here. I am a student here currently and graduating in 2018. Overall I have enjoyed the diversity of the people, the teachers are great and involved in providing help to students and the community is welcoming.
James Monroe was a very diverse and equal school with great teachers that helped me become the social and academic student I am today. In the future I would like the school to encourage more students to go to college and further their education.
Everyone was great. My teachers were extremely helpful and kind. I looked forward to being there and advancing my education day by day.
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If you really push yourself, it is almost impossible to fail. Find the right the right teachers and you will find yourself on a successful path.
My experience at James Monroe High School was absolutely horrendous. The only reason why upper-class, to wealthy families send their kids to an inner city school is to manipulate college recruiting; UVA, Virginia Tech, and Ivy Leagues like to recruit from "disadvantaged" and "underprivileged" areas. They send their kids here because APs are offered regardless of the academic abuse, and lack of fundamental-based teaching that goes down in this place. You will walk out of this place without knowing what a STEM career can offer, or even what STEM is. My Northern Virginian classmates at my current universities learned to CODE and even program! They all have taken Physics, and have an amazing foundation in Calculus and Chemistry!!!! If you plan to be behind in Uni, go here.
My experience with James Monroe High School has been generally positive. I enjoy the people I have gotten to meet and the classes I have been able to take. One of the best things about James Monroe High School are the teachers. The school has a fantastic faculty that is willing to go above and beyond to see students succeed. Additionally, the International Baccalaureate Programme has recently been instituted at the James Monroe, of which I am a member. Due to the fact that it is so new, the students and teachers involved are still getting used to it, but overall I believe that it is a good program. I look forward to my last year and half at JM.
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