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James Madison Preparatory School Reviews

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James Madison Preparatory School is an excellent place for a good junior high/high school experience. They truly follow their mission of providing a traditional education. As a student, you are able and encouraged to join in the school community, and you are taught many life lessons in and out of the classroom.
My son was enrolled in JMPS from 7th – 12th grade. From our first visit to the campus, he was made to feel welcome and wanted at the school. One of my goals as a parent, as for many, was to have a well-rounded son. The school provides ample opportunities for students to grow in any way that interests them. Not every student takes advantage of this, nor do they have too. My son was involved in at least one extracurricular activity and student government in every trimester since 7th grade. He received many accolades for his athletic performance, but he can also play guitar and drums, dance, sing, work a sound board, wire a theater, lead a courtroom, lay tile, and change a tire – to name a few. He learned to be a team member and a leader. There is also the top-notch education he received as well. These students are academically prepared for their future. These students are involved, they are busy and they get it all done to very high levels.
JMPS is a great school to be involved in. In my experience there I have never met a staff member who did not wish the best for me. At others schools you are allowed to do a couple different activities, but you have to focus on one main thing. At JMPS, you can do any extraciricular activity you want and the coaches will work together to figure out a schedule for you to be heavly involved in both. As a preparatory School, they will prepare you for college. Many Alumni comeback and say that college is a breeze because JMPS academically will prepare you for college.
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James Madison from an outsider's perspective looks to be an underfunded charter school that likely has little impact on anything significant. It appears small and seems to lack the required resources to do anything but survive. They are certainly right about the underfunded aspect of their analysis, but it is that which makes what it accomplishes all the more incredible. They continue to beat the odds and provide not only a vast array of extracurriculars, but also an education rivaling the most celebrated high schools around the country.
With small class sizes, the students receive a more personalized an effective education. They are encouraged to participate in every activity possible to enhance their experience. They also put an emphasis on having strong moral character. These elements coalesce to turn students into well-rounded adults ready to take on the world.
JMPS, does not have the MOST qualified staff for teaching but I definitely have received a good education here. For such a small charter school, their extracurriculars are wonderful, countless of opportunities. The small environment is very comfortable.
Recommended to everyone that is ready to take it up to the next step and be held accountable for your actions and work. Teachers are friendly and a relatively small school so you'll be able to get a 1 on 1 interaction with the teachers. You'll be able to form relationships with teachers and able to bond pretty well with the students as well.
I am a graduate from James Madison Preparatory School. I began to attend James Madison the second half of my eighth grade year until i was a senior. I'm giving James Madison a 5 star rating mostly for its academic and athletic opportunities. Although the school is small, it has heart and connections you couldn't make at a bigger public high school. There are many different opportunities to be involved in the school, other than athletics, such as choir, photography and even robotics. The friendships I made here are ones that I still cherish and the relationships with the teachers are one of a kind. All in all, a wonderful school to attend.
James Madison Prep is a exactly what it sounds like; it prepares you for college, and in that category it excels. Considering the small community of the school, it's a very friendly environment and the teachers can easily get one on one interaction with the students. This environment also helps build relationships with the faculty so the teachers truly care about the students' educations.
Great academics where kids do not just learn how to test well but learn how to live life as an adult.
So many choices are available and everyone gets a shot at enjoying their sport. Huge team aspect.
The school has really great community and multiple opportunities.
Because the school is smaller, the teachers are carefully chosen to make sure that they will care about their students and are knowledgeable in their field. Most teachers have multiple positions at the school and take up lots of responsibility such as coaching sports and other school functions.
Teachers at this school prepare gradually students to face their new challenges after graduation. There is manageable work load that as long as the student is discipline and learn how to distribute his 'free time' is always enough to meet expectations. Students are encouraged to investigate online or reading material so that they can have a more broader understanding of the subject that enables them to participate in an open discussion.
Coach and a group of teachers, including the Directors, are always present to support the different teams the school has. They contract the best and safest transportation services to transport the students, travel with them and take full responsibility for each of the students.
Teachers at this school are very knowledgeable and committed to the students' learning experience.
The teachers at this school are not only very knowledgeable, but also very dedicated to their students. They not only teach them academics, but also life lessons as well as social and community skills. This school is probably one of the few Charter schools where teachers dedicate so much of their own time and money to support each of the students to achieve their individual goals. We want to recognize all three school Directors, teachers and support team for all your dedication, and support to our students, you make this school a fun place to go everyday.
The extracurricular activities are pretty much my favorite part of the school. There are many extracurricular stop choose from and students often participate in multiple. They also are an opportunity to make new friends and get to know everyone.
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I really like how many clubs and extracurricular activities there are. The staff support students to do as much as they can and join as many clubs as possible.
Overall the teachers are good. They all are very knowledgeable. A few classes are boring.
There are no electives allowed for students that are not seniors. Seniors get limited choices, but core classes are great.
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