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We have a lot of clubs that we can pick and choose from. Plus a lot of sports teams. The teachers help us if we need help and truly care about what’s going on in our lives. We have a lot of cool activities like this one that was called the Pringle tingle, which I actually won. There is lot of things here that keep us busy and happy. I really like my high school.
James Madison is an online school aimed to help high school students achieve their goals, providing excellent tools and resources.
I did the online version of the James Madison High School. I was living in Germany at the time. It was wonderful. I got to really work hard and at my own pace. It helped me learn self disciplin and time management. Overall, I loved my experience doing the Online James Madison High School.
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Finishing high school through James Madison High School was the best choice I ever made. During my senior year, I wanted to graduate early while being able to balance work and school life. With James Madison, this is 100% possible. The schoolwork is completely self-paced which is exactly what I needed. James Madison is always there to help when you need it.
Great school and teachers! Super competitive academically with a high graduation rate compared to any surrounding schools in the county and state. Only downside is the lack in diversity.
Terrible program.................all lies. Do not waste your money. Plenty of other online schools to choose from!
I enjoy James Madison Highschool because not only has it allowed me to work at my own comfortable pace, but it has also given me numerous tools and wonderful online teachers that can help.
I LOVE THIS SCHOOL AND SO HAPPY I CAME ACCROSS THIS SCHOOL. This has been by far the best opportunity I have ever had.
My experience is James Madison High School is excellent. I can work at my own pace and not have to worry about turning in work at a certain time.
A well diverse school that offers a lot of opportunities of things that you would be interested in doing in high school or when you get to college. The teachers will treat the students like sons/daughters, and they are opened to questions to a subject the student have trouble with. Overall James Madison high school is a great school to go to.
I liked that I could go at my own pace. I wasn’t rushed to finish anything. I could take as long as I needed to learn the material and complete the work.
The only downside I had to it was how hard it was to get in contact with anyone at the school.
I like the fact that even though i did not physically attend the school, I still felt apart of the community. I like how flexible my schedule was because it worked around my everyday life. The people in the main office were nice and very helpful.
Most of the teachers were extremely encouraging and helpful. There was a variety of academic opportunities.
James Madison High School's online high school graduation course is so ideal. The best part about it is that it is self paced and there is no pressure being put on you to finish your assignments, the most they will do it tell you your account has been inactive or tell you they can help assist you with your studies.
James Madison High School offered an amazing home-schooling program. It was entirely self-paced which led me to graduate and earn my diploma early. Teachers were readily available to assist with coursework despite the online distance. This program prepared me for college and developed a new sense of determination.
James Madison High School is an excellent way to receive your high school diploma if you are a dedicated and independent student who can do the work yourself with little help from other people, even though it is always available. The staff is extremely friendly and is always there to assist you and the website runs pretty well with little to no issues. I don't believe distant learning is for everyone, but it was definitely the right choice for me and it helped me graduate high school a year early.
I loved how easy it was to complete school at your own pace! its takes away a lot of stress that you would get at your average public school.
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James Madison High School was the absolute best option for me. JMHS has given me the confidence and independence I need to thrive in today's society. Although JMHS is not a "traditional" school, you gain extraordinary experience and will be prepared for the paths that follow.
Its very manageable to do! I felt like it was easy to do my work and i was able to quickly find resources to help!
I'm a student at James Madison high school,And I enjoy my experience being a part of this school.I'm able to take my time whenever I want,review my notes and lessons,I feel like I'm actually learning and getting closer to my high school diploma to possibly graduate early,I'm very happy with everything so far.
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