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My experience was good I had friends that motivate me to do better. The harder challenge was the teacher they was so strict but if u get along with them it will get better.
James Madison has kept me as an in line and hard working student to reach my goals, with all the tools you need for success, they make college an in reach goal of anyone!
Being in cheerleading for 2 years of my high school experience teaching me discipline and showing me how to push myself to be academically ahead and put school before sports!
I had an amazing high school experience. There were so many experiences which were introduced to me there and it was there where I discovered my direction of art.
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What I like most about Madison is that there are so many different kinds of people, there are many different clubs to join, and there are so many different classes that are interesting. Although it is big, it is easy to get around as there are clear directions everywhere as well as a road in between the main buildings and the gym to get down to Ag that also goes past all the other buildings. All of the teachers are very good and nice and friendly, but certain substitutes are not very nice and I wish they would be hired based off their personality towards the students as well their credentials.
James Madison High School had great counselors and teachers but was not stable in the Principal department. The school had no more than 500 kids in attendance which was good and bad. Good because each child could get 1 on 1 help but bad because it caused the school to be over looked. I loved my experience there but expansion and help is needed in the administration.
James Madison High School is a wonderful school. It's perfect for teens who needs self discipline and guidance. Me personally I like the form of education I get from my teachers and how much consideration they put into teaching the students. I love how our principal now organizes programs and takes care of the school and students.
School was always pretty easy due to everyone being so close. However, I don't believe in the system put in place that doesn't allow each student to blossom individually with their own unique creativity.
My daughter had a great experience at this school some of the teachers were very helpful to her. They steered her in the right direction and was helpful when needed.Many shared information on different schools and procedures on how they went about to obtain the degrees.
At James Madison nothing major happens. Sometimes kids get into fight but theres no bullying and nobody never gets seriously hurt. We have many officers at our school everyday all day. Just last week we had dogs come to outlr school for drug sniff, there was nothing. There is always someone atbthe fromt door desk by the metal detector for anyone who comes in. We have a good security system
Many extracurricular opportunities at James Madison are either sports like football, soccer, track, golf, tennis, and even chess, if thats a sport. There is also opportunities for students to get extra help in the morings or after school. Alot of the staff try to help kids get into different things like theater or music maybesome sports. Many students love when the teacher support them during their activities and many show up. We have alot of things for students to be doing after school. Many of the foot ball players go to school early to get in a practice before school.
James Madison is a great school but the children in not so much. They have awesome pep rally's, dances, and sports events. I am thinking of going to a magnet after this school year is over but its not because of the school. I wanted to see if i liked the school so that if i didn't succeed in the magnet i would go back and not have to start fresh. They school has many great opportunities for students to succeed and pass. My favorite time and JMHS was this when they brought In and Out Burger to our school to earn money for this other event and many kids paid for a ticket but most didnt so after the Pep rally they gave tickets to everyone so that nobody would feel left out.
The teachers at James Madison arent bad teachers. They offer alot to struggling students because they know how it is for some of the students. They try to teach to the best of their ability but some students dont want to learn so they play around. They try to be the best, but in the neighborhood im in many dont want them to try. They are really good to the ones who want to get a highschool education and most a college education.
The only thing that make this school okay its because we don't have a school personal nurse.
My over all experience at Madison was a good experience to me .
The teachers at James Madison are the best because they take their time with going over new things with the children their. They also are available at all times(When you need them).
The people at the school does not have enough school spirit.
Some teachers are wonderful and very engaging in the classroom, others make us wonder if they even want to be there.
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Some clubs in the school I don't really see a point in, others are very necessary and great.
The teachers are funny and cool. They teaches everything.
There are food on Tuesday. I also like the chicken tenders Tuesdays.
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