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James Madison High School is a very diverse school. With a population of about 4,000 students the environment is always changing. The staff ensures that us students feel safe everyday and teachers do a very good job at teaching the curriculum
Best high school for academics & diversity. Students are college ready and teachers are fantastic. The school is filled with an overwhelming amount of both clubs and activities for students to participate in and safety reinforced through the use of metal detectors but that's without mentioning L A N Y A R D S.
Lots of nice and knowledgeable staff and teachers. There are many after school activities, such as a handful of teams and clubs.
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I liked the environment in James Madison which has helped me becoming college ready because of what they have provided me with. This school has impacted my life in various ways and will for more time to come. I am better person, student, human because of what I have been taught and what I learned. Madison may not seem like a great choice for a high school but it should be.
What I experience from this school is I enjoyed most of my friends and it’s really easy to open up to your teachers and peers. As a student moving around a lot this school made me feel comfortable and me able to feel free and express myself. They have every program to help you college and career ready and they always push me academically such as giving me regents prep in every class. The diversity in this school is great and I can meet every and any culture.
This schools has a great amount of sports to choose from. They also offer a great amount of ap classes to choose from. The school community is very diverse and a student will be able to find someone to connect with. However, there are a slim anount of teachers that can’t or don’t teach at all or very good. The bathrooms aren’t very clean and the water fountains and vending machines aren’t the best.
I enjoyed being involved in some of the choices of my classes. Every semester I would meet with the guidance counselor to meet and discuss elective choices. This gave me the opportunity to explore new interests like the ceramic class I looked forward to attend, but I did struggle with other classes like math and science. It was great that tutoring was offered, but it needs to be changed. The rooms are over crowded and the individual assistance is very minimal, if any. This is definitely what I would like to see changed. It would be more helpful to have smaller groups of ten or less with a teacher and students working with the students through step by step instruction. I feel that a more personalized approach would have made a difference to my level of success in these subject areas.
It was a fun learning environment once you get comfortable. There is a large football field and baseball field are sports are very important. The school spirit is outstanding. The AP classes there are. You get very involved once you're in the school. The staff is very caring.
very involved teachers who strive to make you worth something in the future. i had so many teachers who didn’t let me fall in the cracks of skipping class and getting involved in the wrong crowd. they made sure that i would be proud of myself one day- and i have to thank the amazing teachers for that.
Teacher are highly qualified traet student with great responsibility and encourage them in every specific time
The school was alright but it could be better. The principal in particular doesn’t give us a welcoming feeling to the school.
Great college readiness classes. Great AP classes as well. Favorite one is AP psychology. They also have a good variety of sports to choose from and lot of clubs to choose from as well.
Overall, my experience at James Madison High School was great. I had wonderful teachers who supported me. But, then again, I also put in effort. In other words, it is a two-way street.
Too crowded, some teachers don’t seem to care to educate. You are kind of left of on your on. Constant id checking is annoying and takes away the time from getting in to the school. Policy on cellphones suck
I loved my overall experience at James Madison high school. I met people whom I will never forget and learned lessons from teachers that will help me throughout life. I feel the only thing I will like to see changed by James Madison High School is the safeties and facility. I feel that some people might feel unsafe in James Madison due to bullying and even though not many people endure these cases it still matters and I believe action needs to be taken.
James Madison provides a lot for students, and I'm sure everyone is aware. Our classes are very diverse and we all want to major in something different. And that's why Madison is great at preparing us for college, having different houses/programs. Being in a program will give you classes that help you develop skills that will be very useful in that specific field. Furthermore, teachers are very involved with students. Teachers will make sure students do well on exams and will provide extra assistance if necessary. One thing that Madison might be known for is our list of clubs and teams. We're involved in almost every sport that's available for a public high school in NYC. And we're good at them too. Our teams tend to do very well in games because we have very talented student athletes and an amazing crowd to support them.
I liked James Madison due to it stellar law program the teachers are unbelievably nice and will always be there to help when needed.
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In all due honesty, the school itself was better than what I expected it to be. It's known more for its sports award, but the academics aren't lacking at all. They offer a lot of different AP classes and College Now courses that help a student prepare for college. Madison also offers a huge variety of clubs and sports to keep the student engaged. Clubs can be as simple as the comic book club to the moot court, which was very successful this year. Madison offers a great amount of diversity, academics, and extracurricular. However, it isn't the most sanitary school. I would like to see the school improve the bathrooms and the hallways. It has improved since when I first got in, but it still makes no sense for a bathroom to be lacking toilet papers and locks. Regardless, Madison is a good school and you definitely will have a great time there with some amazing staff and teachers.
James Madison highschool was the worst 4 years of my highschool experience. The academics are horrific , school environment hostile. For example, i commute to school by bicycle but it got stolen or damaged. I also messed up my senior year classes because this school didnt offer the best opportunities for me to grow and further my education. The ap classes are taught by bad teachers who didnt fully prepare you, so don't expect to get a 4 or 5 . I also tutored math in this school but they didnt even pay me that much and also my math skills could have been sharper since i was always good at math....
I entered freshmen year with a chip on my shoulder about being in the law program. This is the most popular house here because of it’s diverse curriculum and ability to help you for future careers. It took me a few years, but I have grown to like the law program, even though I have chosen a career outside of law. My ceramics class, which is also a great program, allowed me to work with my hands and really love to do it. This helped me learn that I want to go into carpentry. Overall, the school environment is amazing, the teachers are mostly great, and the school is kept relatively clean. The reason I give the school four stars is because of the relationship between staff and students has been forgotten. I’ve realized that teachers just do not care sometimes and students disrespect them to the point where barely any one pays attention. It’s become more of a superior and inferior system, which is not good for students at this vulnerable age.
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