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There are a few people there that really wants you to succeed. Such as the nurse and college career center teacher and a hand full of teachers. Some teacher won’t even help you catch up on the work even if you’ve been out for a while due to a complicated living situation. Which can cause a bad impact on the students grade.
I’ve had a very interesting experience at James Madison, they have very supportive adults and teacher in the building . They prepare you for college and help you before sending you off to college . At Madison there is nothing but motivation and LOVE . They also have great AP classes
The education is pretty good, and there are many different learning methods such as online schooling, regular in school classes and a GED program. As for the students, they are a wreck. Most wlak the halls and others come to school high. Many don't ake advantage of the education they are receiving.
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It has great teachers and a good handful of wonderful staff member, that nothing but the best in mind for the students that wanted to learn...The school itself served its purpose through the chaos of other distractions. Plenty of programs those who fall behind and those who raised above and beyond. This was my school, wouldn't have any other way.
Overall I think the school is safe. The staff take safety as an important matter. We have metal detectors that we go through very day when we enter the building. We do daily drills for example we do code red drills, fire drills and storm drills and so on. Their are safety monitors in the halls at all times. In my opinion I think the school is pretty safe.
Overall my school is okay. Is not the best school but at the end of the day you get what you put in. If you go to class with the intentions of learning you will learn. The teachers do their part by teaching the students as much as they can. There's a lot of group work opportunities to help students interact with other classmates and there are individual assignments you do once in a while. At the end an education is an education. Every day is another chance to learn something new and work to improve yourself.
It seemed clean to me
My daughter had good teachers
My daughter was on the dance team
Its not unique at all
There were too many group cancelations
The Security staff was not trained very well to deal with High School Students
no problems of the ethnics.
The clubs that are for the students are great but the students doesn't come to the meetings.
Our school sport is great! We have been in the top 4 in the States.
Students and Parents are not the best or good in my school because of bending the dress codes and rules in school. Students attendance and behaviors are not what the public would want to have because some of the students are doing things recklessly but that is how the public sees my school. Once you get to know the students yourself, it will change your minds of how the public views my school. The Principle is a very helpful, understandable person in our school, the principle would accept almost any request from students from Student Council or the Link crew. Staffs in school will help you with any request that is possible for the school, and so are the guidance. Guidance are willing to help with colleges process and help you to get through high school with any problems.
the grading at the school is pretty fair you , you will get out as much as you put in. you put in hard work you will see good grades. the teachers are very fair and helpful as well
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Teachers rarely put an overload of work on you its pretty fair long as you stay on top of everything and stay focus you'll be good. The classes you get to choose to fit your learning needs from easy to advanced.
I was prepared for graduation but I was not ready for the real world to kick in because once may hit, it was like a wake up call to let me know all fun and games was over it was time for me to buckle down and really make smart decisions for my future. So I chosed the best college for me did fasfa and let it go with the flow from there. I don't think people are really prepared for the real world to hit them they just have to learn how to adjust to the life style
their awesome and very conveint you have multiple options to choose from so everyone would be happy
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