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James M. Steele Accelerated High School Reviews

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Steele is truly the best highschool in the universe. It’s small nature is perfect for all people. Allows people that are introverted to get out of their comfort zone while giving a safe environment for them to grow. Then allows extroverts to know everyone. It’s a giant family with the basic idea of even if you have different race, gender, sexuality, or political ideas you can still be friends with them because they are apart of the Steele family. With that it is a school that focuses not just on its family centered culture, but on academics with the goal of once you leave Steele you will be ahead in life. If you want a school that puts teaching first with a healthy environment then come to Steele.
I attended James M Steele AHS because I sought to better myself by joining the Collegiate Academy. In the end, I learned more about myself and my abilities as well as developed skills I never thought I had while at James M Steele AHS. Steele prepared me to be most likely to succeed over my other graduating classes. It truly is The Best High School In the Universe.
The school building is very pretty and the teachers largely enjoy teaching here, but the school culture is kind of an exclusionary culture. There are a lot of cliques and it’s difficult to get connected with your peers here since everyone is focused so much on grades.
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At James M Steele Accelerated Highschool all students are offered the opportunity to enter the collegiate academy, or the cosmetology academy and in the cosmetology academy y’all students have the opportunity to get there cosmetology license for a fraction of the price. If they enter the collegiate academy, the students have the opportunity to graduate with there associates degree and enter college with a academic boost. Another opportunity all students at James M Steele Accelerated Highschool have are Microsoft certification for FREE!
Steele is a great, small, school but it is hard to pick the exact courses you want at times. Also, the cafeteria food is terrible. Overall, academics are very good but extracurriculars that appeal to everyone, not so much.
Steele is a unique high school that feels more like a college. Students are given more freedom and responsibility which prepares them for real world opportunities. Steele also offers students the ability to earn enough college credit hours to be considered core complete to Texas colleges.
The culture has gotten increasingly toxic but is otherwise a fantastic school. Attended all four years as a way of avoiding the anxiety of a full sized school, instantly felt like a good fit.
It is a very great campus that focuses on college and career readiness. Anywhere you want to go after high school, Steele will lead you there!
Steele is a great community to be apart of, students are allowed to gain college and real life experiences through the many activities and various classes offered in the Cosmetology and Collegiate Accdemies.
Overal my experience at Steele was a great one, but the students are more test subjects for differnet programs that are being put in place. Which was great to be a part of the growing process but there were and still are many kinks in the programs. From my freshman to senior year the school had changed drastically.
Steele is definitely not your average High School. Our classes are accelerated so they do move faster and they are more challenging but we have very good teachers to guide us. I used to fail classes now I have all A's. My class size is only 25 but I can actually focus on school.
In Steele we are a small school and we know everyone and we all get along. We really don't have any drama and when we do it is really small and the counselor gets on it right away. The school nurse is very nice and has all the supplies that one needs when getting hurt, we also have a cop making sure we are safe and watches over us. Steele teachers always check if students are wearing id's and if not they make them get one in the office.
In our school since it is a small school we don't have sports but students are able to make their own club with a teacher sponsor.
This school is very unique, with a small group of students meaning we know each other well that sometimes it can be a bit claustrophobic. However the greatest experience about this school is making my own breakfast club, see in Steele if you get 80's and up you get to have A1 which means when the teacher finishes the lesson early or to be kind they can tell people that have A1 to leave early out of their class of they want to. That is when i met my breakfast club members and we play ping pong and have fun.
The teachers at the school are more nicer than they would be at a regular high school, well some more devoted than others to help students when seeking for help. Though some can work on their time management while teaching they still have great teaching skills and have interest in students.
I feel very safe in this school.
Archery, running, guitar, nerd, space, Excel, newspaper, circle of friends and many more.
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I feel very welcome at this school and the school rewards kids with good grades and perfect attendance which makes the kids strive to do their very best everyday.
All the teachers know every student even if they do not have them in class and are willing to help every student in the school.
This school is honestly really amazing, i am in the cosmetology program the school is running. Over all it is a great program however the teachers seem a bit hard headed and sometimes it seems almost as if they have no idea what they are doing.
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