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James M. Coughlin Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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The current problem with the school is that it is divided. The upperclassmen are in one building while the lowerclassmen are in another buidling on the other side of town. The teachers make up for the lack of school spirit with their wonderful attitudes. The kids are accepting of everyone and nice.
Everyone at James M. Coughlin high school is so passionate about education and eager to help anyone in need. In my 4 years at Coughlin, I always felt welcomed with open arms, seeing smiles around every corner I turn. I have met some of the most down to earth people at Coughlin!!!
One change I would like to see come to Wilkes Barre Area School District is a new high school building. In my 10th grade year, our main school building was shut down and we were forced to seperate grades into two different schools. Growing up watching High School Musical, my high school years were nothing like that, with everyone together and the seniors getting that feeling of superiority to the freshmen. I just hope my little cousins get the chance to get to attend a brand new high school!!!
There is not much I really enjoyed about the school itself. It's not the student body because I have made a ton of friends throughout my four years there. The sports and after school activities were always fun but more and more activities started not to happen as the years went on.
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Coughlin is home to some of my favorite memories from high school. I am proud to be apart of the field hockey team that won the district championships twice while I was attending Coughlin. It is the place where I met my best friends and discovered who I am and what I want to do with my life. I become incredibly close with some teachers which made my high school experience incomparable to most. The AP teachers here are wonderful and truly care about their students. They really prepare you for the exams and teach a class that truly prepares you to enter a college environment. The only thing that Coughlin lacked was facilities. I hope a new school is built soon so Coughlin to reach its potential that I know I could be. Overall, I loved the four years I spent here and would not want to change a thing about them.
My experience at Coughlin was one like no other. With all the construction and rumors a lot of our school spirit was brought down, we don’t have enough funding. But the academics and sports never fails
The best experience i've had at Coughlin is the Drama Club. The Coughling and GAR players have given me some of the best theatre memories. The Drama Club Director Alice Lyons is made the experience even better by providing an environment thats positive and fun. Even with all the fun we have, we still get work done and that work shows when we perform.
Coughlin High School is both good and bad. Teachers at the school are amazing. I have never felt spoken down to, and during my entire time there, I have never necessarily had a hard time understanding any topic due to guidance from my teachers. Unfortunately, the school is falling apart. Because of the splitting of Junior and Seniors from Freshman and Sophomores, I feel like it takes away from the high school experience.
There are many negative things about James M. Coughlin High School, if you want me to be honest. One of them being the fact that they split us up into two bulidings, or that my school is either 1,000 degrees or 1 degree, no inbetween. We can also talk about the fact that we have no library to do work, or get sources from. I feel I have been provoked a normal high school reality and if it weren't for some of the teachers I would have asked to leave a while ago.
The teachers are OK. Most of the ones who were useless dead weight got arrested for *cough* "extracurricular activities" with students. Overall though, the school could be worse. It's two stars since the building is literally falling down, the power goes out constantly, and sometimes the heat doesn't even work.
I went to this school all four years of my high school career, and although the building itself was falling down and other things went on, the spirit everyone had to keep coughlin alive in the end was great. My experience for high school may have been different from other high schools but it was probably the best four years of my life.
James M. Coughlin High School was my life for 4 years. There have been some ups and downs but mostly ups. The teachers are all kind and ready to help any student who needs help. They also like to see all their students succeed and to graduate with their respectable class.
Only a small section of teachers who worked here prepared students for college and taught lessons well. The facilities and the building itself was and is unsafe and filthy. Even though cockroaches and asbestos were a problem, I still managed to learn and was actually more prepared for college than some of my fellow college classmates.
Coughlin high school was a great place to learn and nurture your academic success. Being a part of its many clubs, sports teams, and student organizations gave its students a sense of purpose and responsibility. The caring attitudes of the teachers and their willingness to help all who needed it are simply unmatched.
The school is falling apart, one building is unsafe to be in. The school is very dirty, many bugs everywhere. Definitely not the safest or cleanest.
The sports teams are very good and a fun way to make new friends. Also there are many clubs to join and they participate in a lot creating many opportunities for you.
The school is falling apart and classrooms are very small and compact due to the main building have to close. I think the small classrooms and lack of a plan for the school jeopardized the education of students.
Some teachers are amazing and go above and beyond, but many do the bare minimum. With a good group of teachers the year is very successful.
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I have had a great experience for my years at this school. I have been fortunate to have great teachers and many great friends.
The teachers do their best at James M Coughlin High School. I think that due to the current situation of our building issues there could be better classrooms and coverage . The district is undergoing a major change with closing of several structures, so there is a bit of organization issues at this time
Every teacher i had in coughlin never gave me any problems. They were all very friendly and eager to teach. They worked with every student to achieve everyone's goals in learning. they were all very understanding and took each student very seriously
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