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I liked the structure of the school because it was easy to navigate as a freshman, but now I've noticed its too small to hold 1,600 students. Everyone stands in the hallway and its impossible to make it to class on time, even with the threat of detention if you are late three times. I really dislike going through the hallway and getting hit with a vape cloud, and not being allowed to use the bathroom because somebody smoked weed in there.
James M. Bennett's teaching staff was incredible. I formed lasting mentor relationships with several of my teachers, performed exceptionally well on AP tests, and feel very prepared for college. My only complaint is the guidance department, which has not been very helpful in my college application process and even slowed it at some points.
It’s great I have a bunch of friends and great teachers. For some reason the history teachers suck, but other than that it’s great!
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My experience at James M Bennett has been very positive. You can always find teachers and staff members showing school spirit and motivating students to get involved. The teachers are all very helpful and always willing to lend a hand. There are many ways you can get involved as a student. There are a variety of clubs and sports programs. You can participate in student government, honor society and many other extra curricular activities. Classes can be very challenging but also fun at times! James M Bennett is a great school and I would highly recommend it to anyone!
bennett is a great high school but it’s academics and teachers can be approved. when going there i had terrible math teachers who couldn’t teach and they blamed it on the kids
James Bennett high school Is a great school It give you a lot of changes. There’s a lot of things you can do .The teacher is a nice friendly easy to talk to
Social: It's a big school having a broader and more diverse cross section of the community than others in the area. There are social groups that don't mix much, but there is an atmosphere of tolerance and support between most students. I think students learn to be a little more appreciative of others' strengths and weaknesses than graduates of other schools.

Academics: Bennett is the best public school for academics in the area and maybe the best overall school. That isn't saying much. There are usually a few good teachers. There's little emphasis on high levels of academic success. If you want to go to a prestigious college or win academic accolades, don't expect the school to point you in the right direction. There are always a handful of students in that situation. The successful ones are those involved in every club who fight for chances to compete and advance academically above and beyond the readily available programs. Athletic success garners more attention.
My overall experience academically was great. I learned things that I probably would be afraid to try if it weren't for some of my teachers. To change a few things, I think the disciplinary options are low and not helpful to the school's community. James M. Bennett hasn't been named the safest school in the county because of the numerous lock-downs due to kids trying to use violence to solve their personal issues. Our administration has used expulsion, suspension, Office Referrals, and parent-teacher conferences to try to resolve these violent conflicts throughout the school. Where there is expulsion, there is enrollment to other schools. I believe these violent students should not have the choice to come back to school, depending on their circumstances of suspension or expulsion.
James M. Bennett is a fantastic facility filled with a majority of teachers who want to see students succeed. However, administration is not the greatest and faculty like office administration and the guidance department could be improved upon. While teachers are mostly friendly, not all are fantastic at providing education and I hope to see the science department improve. Bennett provides opportunities for many extracurriculars and has a wonderful band program with passionate ensemble members. The school attitude tends to be a little lackluster as many students are apathetic to learning. Overall, Bennett is an average high school, but on of the better ones located in Salisbury, MD.
The thing I liked most about Bennett were my teachers they were very helpful. I would love to see all of the students stop fighting with each other.
I enjoyed my overall time at James M. Bennett but my experience was not flawless. Many clubs/teams I was a member of were very poorly appreciated by the school. The school’s behavior policy did not do much to end disrespectful and appalling behavior, so therefore I was negatively impacted by these troubled students.
I loved the fact that everyone was included no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation, and their appearance. I’d like to see more of the good students recognized because when I was in high school I felt as though the trouble making kids got more attention because of their actions.
Bennett was a cozy environment where teachers and students formed a strong educational bond that prepared students for higher education.
JMB has a great faculty, but is out of touch with it's students. Many students are unable to relate with most faculty members, and, at times, there are violent outbreaks among students.
I love the campus and the diverse clubs and activities, like STEM Team, Memorial Garden, and Spanish Honor Society.
There's a lady who deals with the student parking permit who is soooo rude. she told me to get out of here because I forgot something or I didn't have the right thing. I went there everyday listening to what she said to fix but instead of telling me everything I needed to fix she saw one thing wrong and wouldn't look at the rest. This school talks about spreading love and kindness that's such a lie. But beside this really negative thing about the school I like the students overall, never had school lunch but heard they aren't the greatest, RRR is amazing and if you go to homecoming the Dj sucks
James M. Bennett High School has to be the best school in Salisbury, Maryland. I'm not just saying this because I go there, the school was recently rebuilt. Architecturally, the school is beautiful. It has a lot of computers, laptops, and all the resources students need. So many clubs, and afterschool activities that allow everyone to fit in. The people are also one of its greatest accomplishments, the teachers help you understand everything, you instantly find your group of friends. A beautiful High School journey is a guarantee!
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I transferred recently from another high school, so I can't say that I am the best resource. I have found JMB to be, for the most part, what I expected. It is a relatively large school with a diverse student body. The teachers and faculty exceeded my expectations, however, the faculty remains incredibly busy at all times. There is a bit of a problem with bullying that I've noticed, but if you don't act scared or narcissistic, you should be fine. Overall, it is an average school that isn't great but isn't terrible.
I attened james m bennett high school for only 2 years. However in those years i made a lot of friends and personal connections with teachers. The overall atmosphere of the school is great and home like. They always strive to help those wanting to be helped. The sports teams are the best on bayside.
Attending James M. Bennett High School welcomed me with open arms. After being a student at a small, private, catholic school since the age of five, going into public school and the "real" world was very intimidating. I'm very lucky to have been able to attend such a wonderful school with some of the most state of the art facilities in the state of Maryland.
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