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I like that it's a very diverse school and it has a lot of classes you can choose from. It's also a pretty big school with a lot of people. However, because there's so many students class sizes end up being pretty big too. Class schedules can also be pretty messed up for a lot of students.
This is a very diverse school with many resources and connections to universities. I graduated from here in 2013 and it is mainly due to the support of my school councilor and the resources available to help my academics.
What I liked about this school is that there are a mass variety of classes one can take to help get them ready for college or their future.
Something I would like to see changed would be lunchtime. Because there are thousands of students attending the school, it's difficult for every student to get lunch. They should provide off campus lunch for seniors so that it would be easier for students to obtain lunch faster.
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James Logan High School is a pretty good school starting out. This is my first year here at the school and I really like it so far. I've met a lot of good people at the school and it's a good environment. The teachers are cool they really help you when you need it.
There was a lot of diversity and a ton of classes to choose from at Logan. You didn't really get a lot of help with college and life after high school unless you reach out for it. The school as a whole didn't have a lot of school spirit. Some teachers were really great and made you excited to learn while others seemed like they didn't even want to be there. A lot of areas at school were constantly dirty but it wasn't because of the janitors because most of them were great. The students at the school have no care for cleanliness and no awareness that other people have to use the same facilities as them so they don't clean up after themselves.
I enjoyed the diversity and accepting atmosphere at James Logan High School. It was really easy finding friends as well as teachers that really cared for me. I also appreciated programs such as Puente that encouraged me to go to college. Being that I am a first generation college student, I needed all the help I could get. Puente provided me with all of the information and tools I needed to get to where I am now.
I like the wide range of courses we are allowed to take. There are opportunities for everyone to take some kind of elective they are interested in. However it's hard to connect with counselors because they are so busy with every other student and administration is often extremely slow.
James Logan High School is one of the most unique high schools there is. They have over 4000 students, with a unique and diverse community. It's the only public school in Union City, and I've always felt welcomed there. The resources and the facility are great, the environment is extremely different in comparison to many schools. We have unique classes such as Filipino speaking classes, from many different types of ethnic studies. The school has many promising things, that many often overlook.
At JLHS, I have been able to grow as a person both socially and academically. The school, which is full of over 4,000 students across multiple enthnicities, has granted me the knowledge to be open minded and access to resources that not many other school have had. James Logan offers multiple clubs supported by the faculty, extracurricular programs, such as the marching band and Forensics team, regarded by many as possibly among the best of California, and athletics programs that actively place high in nearby competitions. The school is still improving and growing however, with facilities that require more janitorial support and a community of people, being so diverse, that can have nonviolent tensions with each other.
I like that James Logan High school has a diverse background, and that they have a variety of unique programs, that are not seen in most high schools. In addition to this they offer a wide range of after school programs and sports, with most of the programs having alumni. Although there is a couple of things that Logan can work on. One thing which Logan can work on is the schools overall cleanliness, since most of the time, Students have to deal with dirty bathrooms. Another thing which Logan can work on is providing off - campus lunch, since most of the time, students are unsatisfied with the food that the school provides.
It’s a pretty average school. The good teacher’s are really good, but the bad teachers are REALLY bad. I personally didn’t have the best experience, but it’s not the worst high school you can go to.
It is a very diverse school, but you need to make sure you do not end up with a group of friends heading down the wrong path, because there are a lot of students here which do that. Additionally, while their are some good teachers, their is an abundance of teachers who are very rude and belittling to their students and just overall are not good teachers. If this school looks to get better then they will clean it up and make it a much better place for students so that they could actually enjoy attending high school rather than despising having to show up in the first place.
There are plenty of subjects to take and whatever you like they have it that is what I love about that school also the teachers are really good and they have chances to get an scholarship and so many programs that would help you in a future that's what I love about this school.
My experience at logan has been great so far, the teachers are friendly and always available to help you. Logan is a very diverse school where you can easily fit in just the way you are. Something that I believe would benefit everyone at this school would be more extracurriculars. This would create a fun environment among students at school and flush away the everyday thoughts of wanting to go home at the end of the day.
James Logan High is an excellent school with the most diverse student body and widest range of academic and extracurricular activities.
I have very positive experiences at Logan over the past 3 years of my high school. Logan is a diverse school in my aspects such as cultures, languages, and ethnicity. At James Logan High School, I had the chances to be myself and despite the fact that I'm an English Learner the school provides equal opportunities to take classes like any other students. The teachers are supportive and understanding.
School lunch needs to be better in taste and quality. Overall, teachers are not trained at all to deal with student conflicts. There should be more surveillance throughout the whole school.
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Since my freshman year, I haven't had any trouble with the enormous size of this school because I mean it's not like everyone is always worried about you or judging you. Something I like from my school is its variety of classes, both for personal interests and for our ideal career. The things I don't like about James Logan is that some teachers aren't even prepared to teach their specific subject and that definitely affects us as students.
James Logan High School is a diverse school with great opportunities for everyone. It is one of the largest high schools in California which allows for tons of socialization. The teachers are strict, but just enough to keep you on top of your work. Overall, it is a great school that allows every student to thrive in the environment.
I like James Logan Highschool, it is of the best in the area and is really well with the diversity of children and cultures. The policies are good although I do feel there needs to be a better safety policy and security needs to be enforced. The school itself is outstanding including academics and college readiness.
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