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I really enjoyed my four years here at James Lick I felt very prepared for college and now that I am in college so far it has been a very nice transition. I was so scared but with how my teachers have taught me I am more than ready to continue on with college life. I have been in a club called LSU and I also loved it. Not only has it helped me show commitment to outside school activities but it has brought our Latinx family closer. We had events to share our culture to our students, family, and community of Alum Rock. I will never forget my time here at James Lick and will continue to come back to check up on my favorite teachers and thank them for being able to strengthen my academic skills and just catch up. I hope to have an amazing career to help and give back to students at James Lick if they want to pursue college or already have a career in mind and don’t necessarily need college for it.
What I love about James Lick is the diversity of students amoung the campus. The teachers are also really helpful and change your world. James Lick also has great sports teams, afterschool activities, and Imentor to help and challenge students acedemically.
This high is pretty average academically. Some teachers do prepare the sudents for college many teachers don't care to much about that but just going through the day. I do think they need to work on helping the students prepare and feel ready for college. This seems to be the last thing on their mind for students.
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Teachers and staff always find a way to make time for their students and help them as best they can whether it be in their academics or their personal lives.
I loved the staff in James Lick High School. Almost all of them knew my name because they really take their time to get to know the students. Everyone is there with their purpose being helping students strive and help them graduate. My counselor Steven Loya was the best counselor ever. He makes sure his students have a plan after high school and checks up on them. Teachers make you feel confident enough to ask questions and always begin class with a smile. I think the James Lick staff does a wonderful job and they all need to be rewarded.
James Lick is a very small school located on the East Side of San Jose. This school had a very bad reputation but over the years I was there, the school introduced new tech. This technology program helped jump start our school with integrated classrooms and boosted our scores and graduation rate.
In reality, the teachers and counselors are the best part that make up the school. You may think that they might not care for you nor your education, but they really do. They help you push out of your limit and step off your comfort place in order to achieve greatness
James Lick High School is a welcoming and safe school for all students. Teachers and staff here are all great, always working hard in improving a student's academic skills, creating a safe space, and connecting with students the best they could. Clubs here are very diverse and vary in many ways, from community service, to political movements, to physical and health, to cultural based clubs and much more! The sports are all the best in their own way, improving, creating a bond, and making memories all throughout the way. The coaches here at James Lick are wonderful, always working on improving players, creating bonds, and much more. James Lick is flexible with always having events on campus, running from small event like games and music on Fridays, important ones like acceptance week, to big ones like rallies and dances. All events always allow students to have fun and create memories. James Lick all in all is a great school.
The thing I enjoy most about my school is that you’re not pressured to fit in. You can chose how you want to be seen. You can join a lot of clubs and programs to be involved or be an outcast voluntarily. There’s great recourses for students and parents to prepare us for the future.
Of my years being a James Lick student has changed and impacted my life. Coming in after middle school made me grow up and directed me to go my own pathway in life. High school led to be go my own way and find people who are compatible to me and all the hardships I've gone through prepare me for my future.
My experience with James lick higschool was very good. I graduated in 2016 and was grateful to have an opportunity to go to svcte. Although I had a good experience I wished I have been more involved in events and school activities. I wanted to join the cheer team but I’m very shy. Overall, I enjoyed my four year at James lick and I am proud to say I graduated as comet.
My experience at James Lick High School will be one to remember. I had the best times with friends & I found myself here to be ready for college. I’m a senior & I will be going onto college next year. This school has the best memories I can think of with great teachers who helped me out & I had such a great time. I’m glad my four years of high school were here.
I liked the fact that it was a small school. I was given the opertunity to get to know my teachers really well and recived very personliked instruction.
My experience at James lick was great I meet new people there that I got close to though sports and the class are good, if you are welling to speak if your having a hard time in class then you'll be fine because the teachers will help you in where your stuck. What can be improved is the safety of the students because I got hit in the face by a disc in PE and I was bleeding and the office didn't call my parents or an ambulance.
I really like how James Lick is a welcoming school and you won't be judged for who you are. I really would like to see the new tech learning change to better benefit students individually without affecting their grades as a whole.
James lick is a well enough school. It offers many programs like new tech that teaches project based learning. Plus, Imentor to help students prepare for college by pairing them up with someone who has gone through the process and shares similar interest. Sometimes lacking in school spirit and partisapation James lick houses many students who strive to make a difference in their school and community. Overall James lick is a nice school with a lot of potential to grow and become better.
My experience ere at James Lick high school is pretty good, there is a lot of friendly people and you can always find new friends. The things that i like at James Lick is that there are a lot of after school activities that you can play and also a variety of sports that we have for after school. Something that i would like to see change is having newer buildings/classrooms because they are pretty old.
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James Lick High School is a new tech school. Throughout my high school career I have taken eight AP classes. From those AP classes only three teachers actually knew the material they were teaching. The rest of the teachers didn't even know what they were doing and just made us copy notes and do work on the computers. If I had any recommendations for James Lick is to hire teachers who are prepared and have years of experience in the subject before teaching AP. Other than that, James Lick is great school and I enjoyed my time here.
I would not really know how to explain this school in all honesty. I believe that the school staff should be revised because some people aren't even "qualified", they do not seem passionate or devoted. Most students are not very aware of what ethics are, they tend to litter, cut in the lunch line, and leave the class a mess. Safety should also be improved, one of the officers working for the school said that he could not ensure someone's security and there are people who carry things that they shouldn't carry.
James Lick High school needs to have a better sports program. The academics are looking good for the class of 2018. Not much school spirit. The students are respectful, towards each other. The food could be way better. Students feel safe on campus. Over all a fair school.
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