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My experience was alright. Facilities were dated, cafeteria food wasn't the best (but it was edible). The teachers there didn't really care, except for a small number. The ones who did care, however, were great friends and mentors that I will keep in touch with in the future. I did meet my boyfriend here!
At james kenan I like how there are so many biracial friendships and how that changes things from the past to the present. I am a current softball player for james kenan high school and i had good memories being a james kenan cheerleader for 2 years. My most favorite memory of jk is the dances we have.
The school's a museum compared to other schools. So many histories, including their rivalry with Wallace-Rose Hill. It's not perfect or the worst school. Yeah there can be problems in this school but it'll be like that. Like we're used to it whenever you get older in the school. It can be a bad thing to get used to something you don't like but it's not like you have a choice. Either you get through the obstacles and ignore the conflicts around you or move to another school. That's how I got through my four years. But overall, the school is just a normal school with many potentials.
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My experience was very average, as long you pay attention and respect your teachers it will be ok. Teachers are there to help you and make sure you are ok and over all you can get involved in whatever you want in the school, have a good relationship with friends and teachers that prepair you for college and will not stop till you are good to go.
I have learned a lot in the last four years I have attended. The staff and advisors have been very helpful in pointing me in the right direction of my future.
I started attending James Kenan as a freshman in 2014 and I am soon to be graduating this year in 2018. James Kenan's teacher are some of the best in regards of teaching you the material you need to know and helping with college readiness. Some teachers at James Kenan offer no hesitation when you go to them for help with personal issues. Sports at James Kenan is amazing! We have won a handful of state 1A and 1AA titles in football and look forward to winning even more in the near future.
What I liked about James Kenan High School was the very friendly environment that the staff has. Also you have many students there that are very open and don't mind picking you up and making you their friend. Another thing that I really admire about James Kenan is that the staff dont want to see their students fall apart and not graduate, so they try everything in their body to help out and get the seniors to not drop out and graduate on time.
The teachers treated you like family ( some did), and the curriculum was challenging depending on the classes you took
In my experience at JK, I'm a survivor. Our district could use some good steady teachers. We haven't been able to keep a Spanish teacher. We're lacking in funds in our district and the students suffer for it. Our school isn't very diverse. Our school consists mostly of minorities. Most of the children at our school are not considered upper-class. I believe that the faculty and administration are doing the very best for what they have to work with.
Something that i like about James Kenan is how all the teachers are there to help you, to get you where you want to be, and get you into college of your dream. I think this is the best school in Duplin County. My years at James Kenan have been great with teacher that love and care for me and what to see me get where i want to be in life. One thing that i can say about James Kenan is i'm glad that i came here. James Kenan has helped me grow in so many ways .
Well i started off bad because i wasn't understanding anything but after a while it all went easy but it gets tough & challenging. Teachers will you push you to be better & successful & at the end it is all worth it. The few teachers i had made a good work with me.
I have experience new things, I have learned new things , such as how to be prepared for college and what to expect. They have really good teachers who would take the time to teach us what we need know and to make sure that we know it. We also learn how to prepare our self for jobs like taking a class for that to be ready for the work place. they don't judge people by the race because different races go here and we have a good principle who makes sure that we go to college to become something . We have clubs at our school that allow the students to enjoy their-selves during lunch or when ever we are giving the chance to.
My experience at James Kenan was amazingly great! There's alot of struggle in the beginning but if you put alot of work & effort you would be great. Just cause you're a freshman or a sophomore does not mean you shouldn't care about your grades. Once you're in high school everything counts because it goes in your resume!! Some teachers are willing to give their all to make you successful in every possible way. There is nothing i want to change.
The experience i received from James Kenan High School is hugely positive. I have been able to represent the school soccer team by being the first team in the soccer program to reach the regional finals in the state playoffs. I have met long-life friends and been on trips by the school to help boost my knowledge of colleges. Despite not having diversity, James Kenan offers equal opportunities to each student. My ACT prep teacher had a huge impact on my ACT score. Due to his teachings, and dedication, my ACT score jumped by 7 points. Something I would like changed in James Kenan would be the quality of food being served and more involvement from the parents as they have had minimal impact to the school.
My experience at James Kenan was a good one. They have some great teachers and an amazing JROTC program in which I attended for all for years. The football coach was stellar and lots of good people attend this school.
These past four years have been the best and worst years of my life. I have grown as an individual and taken leadership positions for my school. James Kenan isn't the best school but it has the most caring teachers when it comes to their student's future.
What I liked about James Kenan high school is that some of the teachers genuinely care about your future. They advise and push you to the better path. These teacher keep you on track daily and show you what is most important for the future.
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What i love about my school is that we have teachers that go far and beyond to help us students understand the subjects we learn . Many teachers show funny videos and play songs that relate to what we are learning. One thing i would change is the look of the school.
I'd say this school is worthwhile, because it makes our community better by acknowledging the kids environment and incorporating it into our school cirriculumn. School is a way to keep our children in the community safe, but if not for the caring, selfless teachers in JKHS many of us wouldn't have the expectation of greatness they see in all of their students.
Theyr'e very hands on with their students which we appreciate. The entire school dedicates an hour worth of review time throughout the week for students to better understand their class work, which we call lunch and learn. I've never been able to go to other teachers if i need help with a particular subject when my teacher may be unavailable, but at JKHS the staff make themselves available at any time of the night and theres always multiple people to consult with. in all, JKHS makes themsleves great by how much time they put in to our education, to know you have an entire school rooting for your sucess is amazing.
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