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James J. Ferris High School Reviews

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My four years at this high school shaped who I am as a person in college. After graduating with a high gpa, I realized they do not prepare you well because all I learned was that if I did my homework and studied prior to a class, I would get an A in that class. But it is nothing like that in college, you have to try your hardest and sometimes even that is not enough. The curriculum taught at this high school should be changed and improved for the younger generations.
It was a good school to attend,the teachers take their time to teach and sport was a good activity to be active.The one thing that may need to be change is the level of security for the safety of teachers and students.
average school, not the best but not the worst either. It's okay. There are bilingual programs for students whose first language is not English and that is very helpful.
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I like Ferris High School for its diversity and the college preparation program that help ESL students to overcome their language.
First of all, I didn't even want to go to this school in the first place. My time in this school was not terrible but it was definitely not great either. Fights would occur often. Food was bad. Ninth graders couldn't go out for lunch. Most staffs were not that friendly. The teachers were mediocre. Dirty restrooms. Not a very diverse school either.
More options for AP Classes and better communication between counselors and students. Mandatory meetings would be a pain but helpful since many kids don't know they're missing Community service hours or sometimes credits until their senior year when graduation talk begins which is usually too late for the latter. Wish we were more informed about scholarship opportunities; everyone just needs to be more involved, both students and faculty.
The Honors and A.P. Classes actually push students to constantly use critical thinking and interpret a new way of thinking. There are teachers who develop close professional bonds with students that help them succeed as an individual.
James J. Ferris High School is a beautiful school with nice teachers. The students are really helpful and friendly, and actually show an interest in learning the things that are taught.

There are very few things and like to see change, but I would be pleased if the school menu offered a little more options per day. Also, helping new students integrate easier is something I'd like them to do, because when I transferred, I did my best of course, but I did have a couple of difficulties adapting.
After attending James J Ferris High School for four years i can say it was a great experience. It was very diverse and offered a vast amount of opportunities. My guidance counselor was the best and always there for each and every student. I received an amazing education and much preparation for college.
James J. Ferris highschool is very diverse. The teachers take an interest in each student and wants them to achieve greatness.
James J. ferris high school is not an easy word to be said. School of the bulldogs, school of success, school of culture, many language is spoken in the school.
Are you kidding me right now? How can anyone in their right mind enjoy their time here? They basically ruined me. They complain about apathy when they're the ones causing it! Now I'm too upset to say anything else.
My High School experience as Ferris high school was better than what I could have ever imagined. I have made new friends from all walks of life and would not replace them for anything. My teachers challenge me because they know I can do better. That has helped me progress not only academically but also as a person overall. There are many opportunities for students to get involved whether it be in clubs, sports or during school activities. I play volleyball and basketball for my school which as thought me that there is more to life then just academics.
This school is safe, is one of the best schools in jersey. There is no problem's berry 1 present. Teachers are so good to sudents, teachers have a lot of experience and a lot of respect to students. I love this school because of the good way teachers treat me.
My overal experiences at ferris have been ecstatic but I have seen my shares my struggles and obstacles. I strongly believe that I can make a difference in my community but I have financial struggles and I believe that the key to success is through education. So please help me out by giving me this money to use for college tuition.
Teachers try to have clubs but students didn't really care for it. Most students liked sports more. The sport teams always had free stuff and had a good leeway for things. Coaches would make sure students pass class somehow.
If I could start all over again I would go to a school that actually teaches. Our school barely had funding. There were no SAT reviews that was of quality. The school cared mostly for students to pass the easy HSPA exams because that was the only hope students could pass The school should have stronger discipline. This high school did not prepare me for college, It was so easy to get an A in every class. I sometimes wonder if I went to a better high school would I be better in college. Though to be fair, there were some teachers who encouraged us to live a better life and make it with even the littlest we can get in life. This helped me to strive no matter what environment I am in.
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Only a few teachers maybe like 6 teachers I ever had in this high school would care to teach for students. The school environment were bad filled with delinquents. A lot of African American or Hispanic students gang or clique (not all) pick on the smart students mostly from Asian or Middle Eastern background. They were always disruptive in class and made teachers start to not to care about teaching. Some teachers had favorites and failed students on purpose. The guidance counselors were very biased on who should graduate or not. The GPA system rarely updated. A student can graduate as number 1 senior year but they would not be valedictorian because the system only counts from freshmen to junior year. I had to try my best to survive in this school to not easily offend people and go home right away. It was a dangerous environment. Teachers weren't as helpful. This is why I sometimes feel we should eliminate the tenure system. After the tenure, teachers don't care.
Everything is manageable in this school.
There's a bit of peer pressure and non-accepting.
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