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No school nurse. No police. Once a year they do a fun run to promote healthy living, basically raising money for the school. They now have a locked front office door and you do have to check in at front desk if you are a guest.
Not enough extracurriculars offered at this school as its too small.
The best thing about going to this small school is that I made some lifelong friends as most of the kids have been in my class since K5 thru 11th grade. Average class size is about 15. But, because it's so small and a Christian based school they were overly strict with hair length, wearing of belts, and small stuff like that. They also had a "no-romance" policy, so no dating was allowed. That's just not normal for a teen, especially in the high school years. This school closed their high school grades while I was in the 11th grade. All of us had to transfer to new schools for our senior year which really sucked.
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Since this is a very small, Christian private school, all teachers are required to teach more than one subject. So the Coach may also teach math, even if that's not his specialty. Some teachers did not know as much as I think they should about their secondary classes that they were made to teach.
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