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My son Trey is a senior this year at James Island Charter High School. He is the third of my children to attend the school. My three sons are all completely different yet James Island Charter High School has easily met all their needs. I have nothing but positive things to say about the school. From the challenging academics to the competitive sports programs I have been more than impressed with the school. The teachers are energetic and caring and the guidance department is outstanding. I feel blessed that my sons have been able to be educated at James Island Charter High.
James Island Charter High School lacked the experienced and motivated teachers that I desired, although there were a few. I enjoyed their rigorous course offerings in the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs, but they did not offer certain classes in these higher levels that I wished for.
I enjoyed going to high school here. I was able to participate in athletics. I also thought the IB/AP program was great. I was able to get a large amount of college credit before I entered college.
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James Island Charter overall is a pretty good school. The International Baccalaureate program is offered here. All the teachers and administrators are very nice and work gets done. The thought and care for the students is mostly present. It is a decently large school but it has a small school feeling so you won't feel out of place. Lots of different clubs and organizations to choose from for anyone from the vegan club to chess club to art club and so many more. Overall you'll enjoy your high school experience here.
I liked JICHS for its diverse student body and its caring staff. I wish JICHS would've done more for its senior body like a food truck or an exclusive senior-only area for the graduates.
Great school! Awesome teachers and they really do try to have fun activities for students. Admin and other faculty aren't always the most helpful, but they generally speaking are all nice.
I only spent one year at JI and found it to be like any other high school. It has its ups and downs.
It is a great school. The teacher help you to better understand things. The have a lot of club that you can join.
I enjoyed the family feel it held for me. I would like to see a change with the academics. I want to see a focus on reading, writing, and math rather than football and cheerleading. I believe these things are important but will not help students out in the long run. I am an example as I was not prepared for college by this high school and have had to do a lot of catching up.
The teachers are great, but the building is older than most in the area. There have been some recent upgrades though.
Great School with many wonderful academic programs. IB, AP, and dual enrollment classes are offered. Bus services are offered. Great new entrance!
It was very interesting and had a lot of fun events going on. The school kept you very involved and made sure that everybody had an equal opportunities on everything. The teachers are amazing at helping students when they are in need of help!
There are a bunch of good an bad qualities about the school. For one, the IB program is pretty good as well as the AP classes that are available, but occasionally the administration isn't quiet sure what they want to do all the time.
Food is expensive even with reduced priced lunch. Movement within the school is very restricted. A student cannot go to another class during lunch or morning or after school without a pass. If a pass isn't given, objectives are not completed. Senior activities are fun and well equipped.
All and all going here was good, met some close friends, got into my favorite sport, rugby, it allows you to make all kinds of clubs. But I had a hard time adjusting to college because it didn't really prepare me for it. I had a handful of teachers I respected and enjoyed their classes, the administration and a bit lack they either are to strict and yell at you for basically breatging. I will always remember this school though.
As an alum of James island Charter High School I look back and am grateful for the teachers who were there for me and who helped me prepare for college. The faculty there were great resources when planning to go to college and figure out what I wanted to pursue there. I also met some of my lifelong friends there and look back and the fun times we once enjoyed. I played baseball for a couple of years and loved it, but it came time for me to work so I could make some money for me and my family. I know I did not make a bad decision in coming to this high school. Through the teachers, faculty, and fellow classmates, I was able to get into my dream school; Clemson University.
I enjoy the sports teams and most of the teachers are very good. The facilities are nice and new. Although some codes and regulations that the school carries out are not ideal for the students and how they feel it is a okay school
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JI is an average high school. I like that it’s a charter school so is students get a lot more privledges than the other schools in the county.
I definitely appreciate the opportunities that have become available because of my enrollment at James Island Charter High School. The school's teachers are remarkable, as they truly make an effort to make a lasting impression on their students. Attending James Island Charter High School has propelled me into a world of thinking and learning. I have developed a love for learning that I could not be more thankful for. I wish, however, that assignments would be seen as productive rather than "busy work." I would like to feel as though the time I am spending on school work will expand my thinking.
I have had a great experience my four years at the school. I do feel my guidance counselor could be better. If my mom did not stay on top of the things I needed to have I would not have known what to ask, he really hasn't been a help.
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