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I like the teachers for the most part and the small atmosphere helps there to be a closer community in school. I do not like the athletic programs except for soccer because the coaches often do not work out or they end up being bad coaches.
I love my school. I have been going to James Irwin since kindergarten and now I am a 12th grader. All the teachers we have here are kind and caring. They will all bend backwards for any of their students. From the top to even the people that we never see always put us students first. Yes, the work load at James Irwin is hard but they are just doing a swell job at preparing us for college. I feel overall ready to go for college. I do not feel that in anyway in the fall i will be ready and able to attend any college of my choice. I love James Irwin and know that they will continue to do a good job.
Academics are stressed, but it has a good sports program. This is one of the best schools a student could attend as the welcoming atmosphere, but academic driven focus allows students to do well in school and still build a positive social life.
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To start my review, the dress code is unreasonable because it takes away time from my education. We are more worried about getting dress coded then focusing on our education. Other than the dress code the education is rigorous .
James Irwin was not a real big and extravagant school, but the one thing I remembered most about it is that because there was not a lot of students, it was easier to have some quality time with the teachers and your fellow peers.
The school is small so the teachers can talk to you one on one. Also the teachers know the subjects they teach. The sports are to big but it is a charter school so we don't get the funding required for big sports teams. However almost everyone at James Irwin is friendly.
very good college prep. but had issues when it came to sports and ability to create a great atmosphere for everyone.
I was fortunate to have good teachers during my four years as a student, several of them were exceptional. But the turnover of the teachers was very high by the time I graduated. I even had a teacher that left halfway through the year during my senior year.
I like the dedication for education that the school promotes and the professionalism they try to embed in their students. I dislike the way they go about dress code often times because their reasoning doesn't make sense.
Although it is a relatively small community, and it's nice to do things as a class and know your teachers, the fact that it IS small means that the school limits you in academics (no early graduation, limited course selections), sports (does not offer football, track), and experience overall (no out of state school trips, or many in state retreats).
The academics are generally good, although many of the teachers are either uneducated in teaching or teaching in a field they did not major in. The athletics programs are well below that of other public schools so this is not a place for star athletes looking for challenge and recognition. The disciplinary system is over the top, creating a more hostile and tense learning environment. Students are taught fear instead of responsibility and are sheltered from the real world to a fault. The rigorous dress code provides issues daily from misunderstandings between staff and students and costs students classroom time to remedy silly violations. The school overall does not provide a true high school experience and gives more of the feelings of a middle or elementary schools with its rules and restrictions.
The teachers care about the students, and do the best to help them if they are struggling. I'm not connected to any clubs, but I do know that the clubs are student run. James Irwin High cares about getting students involved in the school and its activities. The school work is challenging, but not too difficult, and I know its preparing me for college work.
I am a senior at James Irwin Charter High School and I have attended this school since first grade. My overall experience at James Irwin is very positive. James Irwin has challenging academics that push students to work harder and smarter. The teachers are very knowledgeable on the subjects they teach. Because James Irwin is a college prep school we mainly focus on academics, but we still maintain decent sports teams. Although our sport's teams are not the best, it is still a very fun experience going to their games and showing support for my school.
I've gone to James Irwin since 6th grade. I really don't have any big issues with the school, except the dress code. Some teachers are fine with certain things being worn, others don't, and it really depends on who sees you if you get away with the dress code or not. So in general, I like the school. I like how it's pretty close knit, and the sports aren't bad. I would like to see more funding towards drama, but that's not a big complaint. I've made tons of really good friends there, and there is a pretty good sports department, I really would just like a better theater department and a less strict dress code.
What i like about James Irwin High School is that they keep every student focused in each class. The teachers do very well at teaching their subject and treats the class fairly. We are required to follow a simple dress code so that it will not bother us. Every student is required to treat others with respect. No bullying is allowed in this school or they will face consequences. Overall i like this school because teachers really do care about your work, and as a person as well.
My experience at James Irwin has been pretty average. I've been attending James Irwin since my 6th grade year, many of the teachers really care and take time to know you and actually care what goes on in your school life as well as home. The education is outstanding especially if you are in high school it prepares you for college. James Irwin has a excellent student life as students most of us try to make the best out of what we have. I already stated this but the staff here is so caring and they are what makes James Irwin a much better time.
My experience at James Irwin has been quite dandy, I've been here since 4th grade its been an overall good experience. The education offered is very advanced but taught in a way that its made easy enough for everyone to learn. The sports that are offered are a lot of fun and teach us not only the concept of that sport but the character that has to be shown in order to participate and carry the team. the teachers and staff also contribute a lot to this school, the all take the time to get to know their students and care about them as if they were their own. its a very good place to be in when it comes to high school!
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James Irwin is a very character-driven school. Teachers constantly encourage students to have superb character. The teachers also genuinely care about the well being of their students. One thing that needs to be revised is the dress code, but other than that, it is a very fine high school.
Aside from strange rules about clothing, affection, and self expression, this school has excellent academic standards, a loving community of teachers/students, and plenty of oppurtinity to succeed.
I like how James Irwin prepares us for college, although not all people do not believe that this school sets us up for success. The high standards that they had for us allowed us to strive to do our best and prepare us for the outside world. Being a small school, discourages people not to come but to me I believe going to a small school is the best option for someone who is an introvert and it also allows to have close relationship with all the teachers at the school.
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