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James I. O'Neill High School Reviews

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In my four years of experience at James I. O'Neill, there were things that I admired and things that I didn't agree with. Being able to go to a school where I feel safe and ready to learn was something that was important for me. Unfortunately, the school was very small, and I would have preferred a larger class size, which is something that wide variety of good technology at my school because I believe that it was beneficial to my learning experience.
What I like about James I. O'Neill Highschool is that there is a lot of diversity and you get to communicate with many other students and meet new people. The teachers are very kind and the education is free and very good. They have many clubs, sports, and after school activities that the students can participate in. The food at James I. O'Neill is very good there are many varieties and options of food for students to eat and it does taste very good. The school is very good at involving parents in the students school and academic life. If the school sees or notices any sign of bullying they will immediately take action and stop the situation in hand. I like my highschool very much and I wouldn't trade it for any other schools.
For a small high school, there are still a lot of opportunities and clubs. You get to know your teachers well and they really care about the students.
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James I. O'Neill is a school that claims excellence, however, in my experience it does not have the excellence it claims. I moved mid year and began attending O'Neill half way through my freshman year of high school. The administration in place was not helpful and my transition was quite rough, due in part to the school. Many of the teachers are average or below that. In my experience, many teachers are not compelled to teach or help their students and do not make themselves accessible to students for help. I have had a difficult time working with teachers who just don't do a good job. I feel that I have been pushed to excel, though not due to the teachers or school but rather to my own drive and competitive NY state standards. The school owes its claims of excellence and high test scores to the hard working and driven students (many coming from West Point and military families) who attend it.
I think the school environment, including the teachers and students, is fantastic. Everyone is really positive and caring. However, the physical school building is a bit outdated.
The culture is unlike any other high school. Everyone can do anything with very little presence of cliques due to the intermixing of communities and the small student body.
This school is very small and everyone gets to know each other, for better or worse. Teachers, such as Tatro and Rao, are unique. I wish the Spanish program was much better as well as the math. This school is unique in that it is comprised of Highland Falls, Fort Montgomery, Garrison and West Point. There are always new students which made coming here as a transfer student comfortable and easy to make friends. The clubs here are great as well as the sports teams. The choir is fantastic and so is the art program. Science is very, very strong in this school. O'Neill offers so many AP and SUPA courses. Thanks O'Neill for an interesting 4 years.
Graduated from that school with no problem at all! Wonderfull School and Teachers, willing to help the students no matter what! All the teachers helped me while i was there and I am teally thankful.
good place, lots of activities. needs some work as far as post-graduation preparation help and needs more integration between all kinds of students.
O'Neill was definitely an eye opening experience for me, as there were kids from the military, the rich white kids from across the river, and the poorer kids from the town. The financial diversity, amongst others, however, was not a barrier, people supported one another, and got along. The community itself has come a long way, and I believe that it is getting better and better each year. However, O'Neill would be far worse, had it not been for the wonderful staff they have. The physics and chemistry department are outstanding, as well as the english and art departments. The athletic teams have seemed to go downhill in the past five years, but the music program is phenomenal. I wouldn't have my children attend O'Neill, not until some things are changed at least, but it is definitely an experience that I would not take back.
It is a small enough school where the teachers and staff truly care about their students, and they also have a wide variety of higher level classes including courses that are AP and SUPA.
There's a 30 minute period where you can meet with any teacher you chose and there's a 45 minute block for club time. The teachers are generally good. Except Mr. D'nofrio
This school does not have much of a protocol when it comes to health. The drinking water is yellow or other strange colors, the locker rooms are disgusting and the bathrooms are not as clean as they could be. As for safety, there are very rarely (maybe twice a year) police on campus. The measures of security we have are security cameras and an automatic lock system on the doors after the first period bell has rung.
To estimate, there are roughly twenty clubs for students to choose to partake in at this school. For such a small school, the variety of clubs is amazing. There are several different types of clubs, from hobby clubs (LGBTQ, Christian Athlete Club, Drama Club, Fashion Club) to volunteer clubs (Interact, S2S, Red Cross) to academic clubs (NHS, Spanish Club, Science Club, Academic Decathlon). There is a club for every student in this school.
The teachers at this school are very knowledgeable about the topics they teach and are approachable. The teachers use effective and relatable methods while teaching to make sure that the students are absorbing the most knowledge out of the lesson. The teachers really care about the students at O'Neill, want the best for them, and present themselves as good role models.
The offered academics at my school are US history, geography, science, Earth Science, algebra, BOCES program
Health and safety policies are very good within mmy school. The school is very safe , its military based so all students are very safe.
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There are a few extracurricular opportunities held in my school. The few extracurricular activities are: the art club, drama club, photography, basketball, soccer, volleyball, zomba, chior, fashion Club, the anti bullying club and many more. There are many for students to choose from. There isn't much of a high commitment level of these clubs, if you want to leave the club, you can. You have to be passing all classes to remain in after school activities. The most popular fun options are the athletic activities. The administration are very supportive for all activities.
All my teachers want the best for their students, and make sure there is extra help for struggling students.
The teachers are available outside of class. They are very knowledgeable and give engaging lessons. They genuinely care about the students and don't hesitate anyone who my be experiencing difficulties.
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