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I had an amazing time at Hunt high school. Great peers and even better teachers that cared about your wellbeing and education.
My experience at Hunt High School was okay. There were teacher who were passionate about teaching and really engaged with their students, however, there were a few bad teachers. The counselors really put in effort to prepare students for college and help them improve their academics. As I graduated, I saw the school improving as they were implementing new programs for the students.
During my 4 years at Hunt High school, I took all the honors classes that I could. I found all the honors teaches at Hunt high school to be extremely helpful to me. My biggest memory was 9th grade year, Mr Rollins tutored me in math. I am forever thankful for Him. I gained the confidence I needed in a subject that was extremely hard for me. Mr. Rollins also gave my parents tips on how to help me at him.
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My experiences being at Hunt high school were a challenge. Being there was like being at an amusement park, it was hectic but I wouldn't change it for the world. There was some parts where you wanted to pull your hair out but others where you just laugh so hard you fall on the floor. I believe high school, in general, is like a roller coaster with its ups and downs but it’s so fun you don't want to stop riding. I meet people that held me up and some people that let me fall, it’s all about who you allow in your life and how they affect you. Overall, I had a good experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
James Hunt High School is a very decent school. The school helps bring out the best of students with many offers and classes, such as IB and AP classes, as well as many art classes: Band, Chorus, Dance, ROTC, Computer Sciences, Business Management, Visual Arts, Sports, Multimedia, etc.
It's a school that gives people an open opportunity for many life choices.
Through my experience at Hunt High School, I have learned a lot. I have become the leader of several activities, including cross country and chorus. One thing I wish was available at my school is a variety of electives, instead of the same classes every year. Even though that is not available, I have still found ways to enjoy my four years in high school.
James Hunt High School is your average highschool. It is very overcrowded with students and often fights breakout. However, it is a good learning environment if you are in the correct classes.
My experience at Hunt High school is very great compared to other High Schools. Hunt offers help in academics and life. Hunt has great counselors who always put you first, and help you with anything you need. Mos of the teachers here are good and explain things in a way that will help and challenge you. My personal favorite thing about Hunt High School is the dance program because no other school around Wilson offers it. The dance program helps with building your technic and endurance as a dancer, which is very important in the dance world, the teacher sometimes even brings in a guest artist to teach us new choreography. The dance program has to be the BEST thing about Hunt High School. The only down side about Hunt is that it's not an ARTs based school, when it should be.
I have three kids to attend James Hunt High School in Wilson NC and graduate. The teachers are very nice and involved with the kids and there education. James Hunt High School is the only Wilson County School with a dance program, and they give a great dance recital ever semester.
James Hunt High School has been a good experience for me. From classes to sporting events to clubs to the multiple volunteering opportunities it has always been a joyful ride. The school offers a pretty good atmosphere and many chances to participate meet many different people. Looking back the only thing I regret is not being more involved in my school!
Teachers are responsive and work hard to best fit the needs of the students. The diverse population provides a rich environment for college and real world readiness.
There has been many changes here for the past three years I've been a student. Different teachers, different principles, and different classes, etc. But, what I like about Hunt is that they take the time to teach their students about character which is really important as you grow up. They used a selection process to give prizes by giving out Warrior way cards for good behavior which decreased detention slips and more. The only thing I would change is giving prizes at least three times a week instead of one week. Altogether, it has been a great experience at James Hunt High School so far.
Poor communication with parents. Teachers are good and prepare students well for college. The whole district needs to do a better job of communication.
I like that they are the only high school in Wilson County that has good Arts programs. I think the administration is very poor there and the food is terrible. There could be a lot of updates done to the school that could make it better.
As a upcoming Senior at Hunt High School I am sadly disappointed with the education that I have been provided. My counselor doesn't help me with opportunities and actually hinders me by lying to me regarding classes I can take and opportunities with extracurricular activities and community service. In the last year alone we have 7-8 bomb threats along with a lock-down. However, the AP teachers are good have teach well and deserve a lot more credit than what is given to them, but the honors and regular academic teachers have no passion or drive to teach their students regarding their personal subject and life lessons in general.
I love hunt high school at times i wish i could go back. james hunt high school is the best. if i was given the chance to go back i would. even thought the teachers i had are gone, i still would go back. if i would have a kid. this is the school they will be graduting from.
It has a great environment. Teachers are nice and are willing to help every child. There are many different clubs that are there for students to join and there is one that each student will like. Sports at Hunt are very competitive and as a student athlete I loved playing sports at hunt. With playing sports your grades have to be held to a certain level and your teachers push you hard to make sure you can do both to prepare you for college.
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I went to James Hunt High School 2012-2016 and it was honestly the worst 4 years of my entire life. The falculty does not care for the students what so ever, and there is only a select few who will go out of their way to make us feel important. They have a low standard of teaching and communication at Hunt. People do not even try at the school and pass their classes by cheating, and the teachers do not care because it will bring their teaching grade up.The administration does not care for the students, and the rules are regulated like a prison. James Hunt High School does not care for students individual needs, and kids will get bullied there without anyone stepping in. There is a fight every other day and students will do drugs in the restroom.
The school is not too bad. The teachers are hit and miss, some are better than others. The curriculum is sub par compared to other school systems but it gets the job done.
hunt high school is an great school with awesome teachers. The school just need to change the way things function around at the school and the new rules, but other than that it's a great school.
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