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James Hubert Blake High School Reviews

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Blake is very diverse and unique in its studies. The school offers something for everyone. The dance department is amazing, our music department is amazing. All of the staff is there to help and teach. Our drama department puts on amazing shows every year. There is genuinely something for everyne at Blake
Being enrolled at Blake is truly akin to being a part of a large family. The faculty at James Hubert Blake are very willing to help students who may be struggling their schoolwork, are hungry for work experience, are eager for extra learning opportunities, who are dealing with issues outside of school, etc. They are also transparent with their students and are evidently passionate about their subjects. In addition to great teachers, there is no shortage of clubs and sports teams. On the offchance a student doesn’t find what they are looking for, staff members will help students create new clubs. The art programs at Blake are magnificent; some groups have been invited to perform at venues throughout the country. The College and Career Counselor is top-notch as well. She has been incredibly helpful in navigating the college test prep process and has provided me with some wonderful information on schools that fit my interests and monetary guidelines.
School staff is very supportive and always there to help, not very many fights, not very many students overall. Lots of school spirit.
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James H Blake had great caring teachers. There are some who will help you anytime no matter how busy they are. There are teachers who just don’t care if you fail ole will fail you, purposely. It has great school spirit and the security guards are the ones who make your day the most.
I loved my teachers. They are all so helpful and they go out of their way to help you and make sure you succeed. I would change the food served during lunch or the way they deal with fights.
I went to Blake all 4 years for high school and as much as I loved it, there were also parts to dislike. I loved the music department which I was apart of and I just loved the arts and humanities which is what my school focused on. The only bad parts about it is that they tried to take what our school specialized in away. The worst thing is that our math department sucked. A lot of the teachers I had for math were racist and would insult us if we did not get the topic right away. I loved the English department and all of the other departments were great also! There werent many fights and our school is very accepting of people who are apart of the LGBTQ+ community. I loved Blake and really enjoyed going there.
I liked how the school had students with different backgrounds which allowed you to interact with different people.
My experience at James Hubert Blake High School was pretty average. The academics were okay given that they had offered AP credit courses for different subjects as well as a SAT Prep course for college preparations. What terrible experience that I had during my senior was a trying out a internship thats offer during the junior and senior year. The intern coordinator made it hell. It was extremely stressful and difficult for no reason. Students had to go out and find a intern site even when some students did not have cars.
This school is full of diverse groups of people with great athletic teams and school spirit. You create your own journey.
James Hubert Blake High School is amazing. It offers multiple programs related to liberal arts such as jazz dance, ballet, tap, history clubs, economics electives, political electives, music electives, arts (crafts, sculpture, photography, film,)- overall everything imaginable. It has a great marching band program, going to multiple parades, football games, competitions, and trips (Bahamas, Disney World, New Orleans, etc.) The environment is competitively uplifting, bright, and everyone is energetic here. Not only this, the students are generally well rounded, joining clubs in school of their choice. Even if you are interested in medicine or law, there are classes and programs (such as the NIH SIP or HiSTEP programs) the school helps and offers. The career center coordinator, Mrs. Prochnow, is especially great in helping all grades in the process for college or general student success. Come to JHBHS- its environment and every aspect is amazing.
The Blake community has an exciting arts program. The teachers and students help each other out very well. The Staff members seek to help the community. I must not ignore the recent Bullying and suicides that has happened among the last 5 years. Some students seem to target the LGBT community.
I loved my school. We have the best music department and a lrge majority of the teaches there genuinly care about the students. I know that my counsolor inparticualr cared about me and my highschool career and my well-being. The administrative staff is always out and about connecting with students and getting to know them. The only thing that I thing could be better is the math department and the way the cariculum is taught.
its a really good school and you feel safe and its a really open minded school culture. I had so much fun so far. i am involved in a lot of clubs and activites and theres a lot of oppurtunity.
It was a very good education overall. I had some problems with the overseers of all the clubs, a lot of miss communication. There are very active teachers and they want you to succeed. The coaches are great and they push you on the field and in the classroom.
At James Hubert Blake High School, the staff, administration and teachers genuinely cared about the upbringing of each student. Not only did the individuals involved in the matriculation of each scholar show that they were devoted to helping each student accomplish their scholarly goals, but they actively prepared undeveloped adolescents for adulthood by advocating for various qualities such as punctuality, initiative, and being bilingual.
I loved the teaching style of certain teachers and the diversity. Maybe the school could have more safety all around to change. Something else they could change is they could have the IB program.
Many of the students and teachers are nice and supportive of your decisions. Some teachers are easy to make a strong connection with that will last all four years of school. The sports program does average for winning games but far above average for creating friendships. Joining a fall sport ensures you that you will have friends at the start of the new school year. The classes offered will help in later years in life.
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James Hubert Blake High School is a very diverse and artistic environment that even though sometimes is not a best place to be, its still a great school.
I liked the humanities and arts aspect of Blake. We had great programs for music and arts, photography and TV production. While the academic and education aspect was mostly very well done with good teachers, the school needs to work on it’s math department, which is lacking.
The school has phenomenal music department and the teachers truly care about you. They are not only there as your teacher, but also as your shoulder and mentor.
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