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I'm proud to rep HH, just graduated C/O 2018 my guidance counselor Olafemi Hunter was the absolute best before I met him I was following a fake dream to please my family he made me follow my passion and pushed me to want to go to college an HBCU at that! As far as the food I give it a 2 star I haven't been in the cafe for any meal for my entire senior year. Teachers hmm majority that I had were highly dedicated and informative, they have a slight lack of resources but make it work. We have a lot of technology to use in school, chromebook laptops, iPads, Apple computers, and Miscosoft desktops in the library so there's more than enough options for you to choose from. The clubs were nice I was on the math team and Pathways To College. So many opportunities here as well, I did an paid internship at Yale New Haven Hospital for three terms, took an Arabic class at Yale University,and got my first aid/CPR/AED certification they offer so much just look for it.
My experience at Hillhouse was one of a kind. The sports teams are very good here, but the academics are way behind that of the other school districts. The teachers try their best to reach out, and really help students and they are not to blame. The poor education in this school is due to the city's budgeting. Besides that the staff does a pretty good job on promoting college awareness.
My experience in James Hill house High School was not what I expected. I expected everything to be safe but kids in this school tend to show out and let everyone know what their about and that's not a good reputation for this school
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Great experience and great teachers I will not change anything they are making changes for the better for kids every day.
James hillhouse was great its never been bad a school. I love going there because it was well diverse and everyone was happy and cool with each other
You have the people who want to do well and the people who don't want to do well. You see the administrators striving to bring out the best of every student. However due to lack of funding we can't do all what's best for the school.
My experience at hillhouse was a roller coaster sometimes I loved it and sometimes I hated it. But has a overall experience hillhouse isn't a bad school just the kids in the school gives it a bad reputation.
It’s a Great School, when i first came in James Hillhouse High School i couldn’t spoke English, but now i speak English like i can’t imagine, everybody are nice the teachers, counselors, the principal everybody. I really like that school if I am who i am today is because of that school.
I like how even though we are not the best school in academics we strive to use all our resources to be successful. This teaches students to be independent and ready for college. The track program is the best in new haven we have won more than 20 state championships and have created a dynasty which brought the athletes together because they also wanted to win and be a part of greatness which made as a family and it helped us with our high school experience.
when i first got to James Hill house, i thought it was a violence school which it is not. MY first day i was really scared that something could happened to me such as getting beat up. Through the year I really love it , I made lot of friend and also improve a lot . I got into USA my freshmen year , I didn't know any English , it
was really hard to learn the language. i manage through it James Hill house made me a better person and a better leader in school and above school
I likes the different electives they offered. What I would like to see change is how the teachers, administrators and guidance counselors help with the college process for Seniors.
James Hillhouse High School is like no other school that you have ever seen. The school has poor academic ratings and very often does not prepare students for their future. However, if the student is motivated to enhance their life and living conditions then their environment shouldn't distract them from doing so.
My experience their was a healthy experience. I learned alot just from getting to know some great people that worked at the school, they gave me a push when I needed it and I will always be grateful.
I graduated James Hillhouse High School in 2016. Since then I can say that James Hillhouse High School has prepared me for life after high school. The administration and teachers genuinely care about what you're doing after graduating from there. Furthermore the school's culture is the best in all of New Haven, CT's high schools.
This school has a lot of potential, and shows the true meaning of a family like environment. I would definitely like to see an improvement on their organization skills and preparing their students for academic success in college.
I liked the environment. It was very diverse. Also the teachers are very friendly. They push you to your full potential.
Best high school experience, and I should know because I went to a few high schools in CT. I wasn't big on academics but if you wanted to be in any club, activities or sports you yourself would have to prove it by getting and holding at less a C+ avg.
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James Hill House is a wonderful school despite the surrounding areas. The teachers i can honestly say dont waste time when it comes to teaching if they have a good attitude. If your not paying attention then thats on you and you have to stay after we never spend to much time on one thing. I actually switched High Schools a couple of times. Amistad ,Creed, Hill House. Anyway what needs to change is everyones maturity level. As far as teachers and staff. I seen a teacher argue with a student and the language the staff was useing no wonder that student was ready to fight him. Not only that the security guards and a few teachers need to be re-evaluated. Some come off as perverted. Im being honest through out this whole thing and yes i just started but i pay attention to everything.
I could honestly say I love Hillhouse, the school overall gives you a homey environment. Free space to be you're own person and not be judged for it. It's just that you have to have that boldness and courage to show it off. House has many resources and programs available to us students but I feel like most scholars aren't aware of that because the school doesn't advertise all of the programs as much as they should unfortunately.
The things i like about Hillhouse is the relationship that the students have with their teachers. What I don't like is that the food they be feeding us and the personality of the students.
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