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James H. Moran Middle School Reviews

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Had two children who attended Moran and it was a miserable experience for both of them. My oldest was ridiculed by his teachers and my youngest was routinely bullied and the school did nothing.
Mark T. Sheehan High School is a great school. Most teachers are very friendly and approachable. The teachers are very knowledgeable. There are also several after school clubs to get involved with! There is so much to do at Sheehan!
The academic section of the school offers a very rigorous style. They really prepare you for high school.
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School is very secure. Police officers are at the school everyday patrolling. Doors are always locked. Security cameras are rolling.
They offer a lot for the students in terms of extra curriculars. Sports are probably the biggest out of all of them.
Great involvement of all parents and organizations within the school.
Teachers care and respect students. They offer so many opportunities to students.
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