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James Garland Walsh Middle School Reviews

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I loved my years at Walsh Middle School. My teachers were my sole motivation to come to school. They were incredibly friendly and always there to help. Till this day (4 years later), I continue to visit their smiling faces and have never once felt forgotten.
I would really say, life at Walsh was wonderful. The athletic program is rigorous and extremely rewarding for students looking to pursue sports. A huge number of excellent clubs that meet regularly. Academic curriculum is practical and teaches students exactly what they need to know in order to be prepared for future challenges. Lots of useful opportunities for students looking to pursue AP classes in high school, and for students who wish to accelerate. Amazing library, and really supportive teachers. Students maintain a friendly and welcoming environment throughout the school. I would highly recommend the school for all kinds of students, whether they are interested in extracurricular activities, sports, or academics.
Very solid administration. One of the best in the district and the state.
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Very safe environment. Gang free and practically trouble free environment helps promote a good environment for study and inclusiveness at the school.
Very diverse cultural background. Student and parental involvement is highly encouraged and very high.
An excellent experience. 2 kids completed already and a third on the way.
Walsh Middle School was very well run. The principal and all faculty were very conscientious of both the academics and the environment. The type of problems plaguing most middle schools were almost nonexistent at Walsh, and all teachers took a sincere interest in the performance and learning of the students. Parental involvement was encouraged, and shadowing was allowed. Parent presence was very prominent.
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