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James Ford Rhodes High School Reviews

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James Ford Rhodes is one of the most diverse public schools in the greater Cleveland Area, if not the most. Our students are accepting and understanding of each others cultures. Black, White, Hispanic, Muslim, Christian or Atheist are not defining labels to our peers. With an array of sports from our Rowing club, to our football team there is no shortage. There is also no lack of support in the smaller interests of the students. With even our security guard getting involved as the supervisor of our Anime Club. Although it is not perfect, as no school is, James Ford Rhodes has been an unforgettable experience, with 3 senate Championships I can include my name in personally. As well as our love, support and ability to come together in memory of our passed beloved Coach Gary. We represent an underrepresented community: the kids who are more than inner city success stories. We are a school of dreamers and unbelievable potential, and that is what makes our hardship even more beautiful.
It was hard to get accompanied with how teachers act.I first thought that most of my teachers would be understanding but as me time as a ram come to a I became a junior then a senior relationship between student and teacher no longer Exist.They treat you like a complete stranger. But luckily I found home with other staff like sports coaches.They act different from the regular teachers they know you on a personal level and try to get to know you and have your best interest at Heart.Because of them my high school experience was a lot better than I hope and I couldn't wish for me.They've taught me through sports about life and how I can't just hold off on things because of adversity and that pushing through will only make me a better person.They've taught me to trust myself and to be consistent.
During my time there they were protesting which effected my mental health and grades. I was almost hit in a fight I was not involved in and had to be homeschooled to ease anxiety.
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It is a good school it’s kind of difficult but the try their best to make sure you are on the right path and doing good
My overall experience at James Ford Rhodes was pretty good. The staff and principal cared for their students and tried to help students with problems. Most teachers were well with teaching kids and explaing the subject for the students to understand the subject being taught. They also cared about every student to be successful and to make sure Rachel one would graduate.
Dedication. Motivation. Passion. These are the key features one would obtain when attending this school. The staff and students always drove me to exceed my limitations as a human being. I never once wanted to give up and cry over spilled milk. They walked me through the path I thought I'd never walk down. A light that I hadn't seen before. The projects, papers, speeches, and debates helped me become the man I am today. If I had to change two things it would be the lunch and bullying. Regardless, I recommend that all middle-school graduates—attend this beloved high-school.
I really like this for being my first year the school is like family everyone has there people and I have my people the teacher some what ok but hey it's MY SENIOR YEAR
I loved James Ford Rhodes high school. The teachers were great, the building looked nice, and staff was very helpful. The only downfall I can think of was the substitute teachers. Whenever there was a substitute teacher in class, the students would do whatever they wanted without regard for the teacher.
Nice experience. Good teachers. More active you are in sports or clubs the more you'll like the whole high school experience.
There are very few good teachers at JFR. If better teachers would step up and be an actual teacher that would be nice. Food is also disgusting. The school should be cleaner as well.
I did like how it's like the traditional high school experience and not separate small schools for different grades.
I have been at James Ford Rhodes for four years now and it has been quite an experience. I enjoy that they prepare us for the outside world and the college access office helps me make decisions on college that would make a good fit for me. Also inform me on upcoming scholarship. I like that Rhodes is widely diverse. I dislike the fact that they care more about dress code than anything .
At Rhodes some teachers are amazing and others aren't, as expected. There I experienced high school life and college life. One thing I would like to see is more extra curricular activities that could help kids experience new things. Also activities and programs that help explore different career options
James ford Rhodes is a fun school with a diverse group of students, but its academics leave a lot to be desired and I feel could've helped prepared me for college better.
I would like more scaholarship available other than that I love the website really helpful. I love that site has different cateogories of scholarships for all type of people .
James Ford Rhodes High school is my high school in the inner city of Cleveland. This school means so much to me, despite it's obstacles. Rhodes (For short) does not have a lot of resources other high schools do, such as books students can keep to not enough advanced academic classes. We don't have much but we make things work with what we do have. What makes this high school great is the amount of time the teachers would put into a student; this high school is filled with great teachers whose job is to see that student strive.
Well, I attend School of One inside of Rhodes High School. The teachers I have are very motivating, energetic and cooperative. They will help you succeed by all means and they push me to be my best. I am attending these classes to get my high school diploma even though I am 20 now, I never gave up because of them.
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I loved this high school. Whenever I would tell people I went there, they're response was always just, "oh..." but this school was so great. I met the best people here. The teachers are so caring and they make all the difference. They make the classes fun and they honestly care about the students.
I love my school because of the support we receive from teachers , as well as each other. Being here for all my high school years has given me a chance to interact with others so deeply. I have made lots of friends, from security guards, teachers and students.
There are not much drama in this ,fights here and there but the security guards are well trained and takes it under control.
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