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James F. Byrnes High School Reviews

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I absolutely loved my experience at Byrnes, I couldn’t have asked for more fun. I do think more needed be looking into some sports programs. They really don’t prepare you for what is to come at the next level. It’s more important what you can do the few years you are in high school
James F. Byrnes High School is a very good school. We have lots of great resources and teachers. We have a very supporting community and a very close student body. I would like to see more action being taken on mental health awareness. I would also like to see more interest in the Arts programs.
I have enjoyed ending James F. Byrnes high school. I have been in this school district since 4K and have many friends that I have been with for many years. Byrnes teachers challenge students academically and have really good athletic teams that are very competitive. I participate in track and field and the team has accomplished many milestones in the last couple of years. We have very dedicated teachers and coaching staff. The school counselors care about the students and give advice and help us be successful so we can go to college.
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I loved Byrnes and everything that came with it for the most part! The campus could definitely be more welcoming, however. I attended the school for four years and in my four years not much changed except for the addition of a new building. Now, I hear that it is a much better environment though.
Most of the teachers were great and worked with you if you needed it. However the football team players got away with more then others because of favoritism
The teachers are really nice and caring. Everyone is always happy. They make sure everyone is in a save environment. They care about our opinions and make sure they are herd. Supports every sport.
My experience at Byrnes High School as been great overall. I have enjoyed all of my years playing lacrosse and basketball at this school. The teachers and other faculty have been a great help. My counselor has helped me to get where I need to be. It is very safe at Byrnes, and it is also very friendly.
My high school experience was good for the most part. Some days where better than others, lots of stress. The things I enjoyed most were being able to learn more and we had power hour where we could get extra help from teachers if we needed it and we had extra curriculum activities such as the Royal Rebels dance team, The Multicultural Club and many more. They were always nice watching during basketball games and during lunch .
Byrnes is an amazing high school where everybody is welcome. There are so many different clubs, it is impossible to not feel involved in some way.
Byrnes is a pretty big high school compared to most. The teachers there were great overall and it seemed to be a fairly safe school. I personally didn't see much bullying or anything either. I personally didn't love my high school experience but Byrnes was an okay school.
I love the college readiness at Byrnes High School. The teachers and faculty are very good with preparing you for your future, but what I would like to see change is the cordination of things that go on at the school, including student parking, events, and etc.
I Loved The Pep Rallies And The Family Vibe You Get. What Could Change Is The Cafeteria Food, Luckily They Have A Cafe And Grill Area.
The resources for college readiness are awesome! The guidance department actually sits down with you and your parents and help you find the right path.
The school, facilities, and grounds are excellent (the Fine Arts Center is second to none). Teachers are involved and encouraging. My son had a wonderful 4 years at BFA and BHS.
James F. Byrnes High School academically is incredible. The atmosphere overall was a bad experience. I personally struggled socially because of the judgement from other students and some teachers. I thrived in the classroom and finished extremely well.
My experience at Byrnes has been amazing. Most of the teachers there are really good and care about the education of their students. The students are mostly nice and everyone tends to get along really well. I love it.
I am a Senior at James F Byrne's High and I have loved every minute of being apart of the Rebel Regiment. Being on the band taught me the meaning of commitment. The everyday practicing was tiresome but going to State Championship was well worth it. I've had nothing but excellent teachers that believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself.
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JFB HS is a well rounded school with a very strong emphasis on the arts. I have been a member of the marching band going on 5 years and the direction I have received through my school and mentors has been nothing short of outstanding. I would recommend JFB HS to anyone interested in any of the performing arts or any sport as the community support as well as district and staff support is unmatched.
James F Byrnes was a temporary High School that I attended from 2015 until 2016. The teachers are excellent, the principals are amazing and the students are welcoming and helpful. Byrnes High School is such a welcoming environment and loving school over all. My favorite thing about Byrnes would have to be the amount of school spirit and student activities. From art to orchestra to football, students are invested in being amazing at what we do and we love the school.
Equivalent to many schools, James F. Byrnes has a serious lack of interest for most of the students' mental health. They typically resort to blaming the victim of bullying instead of getting them the help that they need. Instead of focusing on irrelevant issues I would prefer if the administration showed an interest in the health of the students.
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