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James Earl Rudder High School Reviews

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The rules are enforced, but not to an extreme. The teachers are excellent, but most importantly they are chill. The hall monitors can pretty much be considered like your friends if you don't provoke them.
Overall, I feel as if Rudder is evolving as a school since we’ve gotten a new principal! I feel as if he’s more involved with his students and administration. He’s making the school a more fun and safe environment for the students and I love it!
I think that the faculty and staff could've been more helpful to students and not have went through school days as just another job. I think they also could've tried to do more to make it more fun. Very few teachers who actually cared about students and what they taught.
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What I liked about James Earl Rudder High School is that they try to improve everything at the school to make it better but they actually don’t.
The school is okay, there is room for improvement, but due to its location, there is not much change, only internally can it improve on the existing conditions.
I liked color guard but I hate how the staff don’t try and help us get a better practice area. We always end up practicing in the hallways when the school is building all these other factors for other activities and we have brought metals and throphies still nothing .
Teaching was great and all but some classes were more disruptive than others. Many kids didn't listen to teachers but the class work was short and to the point and relatively easy.
The organization and sports aspect is great. But there needs to be changes in the cafeteria as in more choices. We need to have teachers who actually care about their job.
James Earl Rudder High School is located in Bryan, Texas. It serves a range of students in middle to lower income students. Although some aspects of Rudder High School could be improved on, the extracuricular activites and passion of select teachers makes it a rising school in college readiness.
While women of the more dedicated teachers have since left since I graduate s in 2015 I feel that too little they helped to change a few student students academic paths. While I feel some teachers need to have more structure in their class and the higher ups should invest more time into monitoring them to ensure the kids are being taught I do not think the school is unsavable. There are a good amount of teachers such as Ms. Huff who will ride students and make sure that we put forth our best efforts to ensure that we will be well prepared for college. Being the average student upon my graduation I wished that I had listened to the teachers but who cared about my future and education. Aside from that the discipline at the school could use improvement, I had to many times of students coming in and being a distraction during class time.
Rudder High School is an excellent school for those that are willing to work hard. While many students do not care about their education, those in upper level classes thrive and are surrounded by teachers and students that work hard.
Personally, the education I have received from Rudder has been beneficial for me. I got to participate in challenging courses and join multiple clubs and organizations. One thing I would like to see change is the way that the students are disciplined. Many insignificant issues are looked at the school when they face greater challenges. Also, I think that the school should focus more on organizing events and dates better to prevent clashing of dates.
What I liked about rudder were my teachers. Through my 4 years being here I had good teachers. Rudder administers need to be more involved
The monitors of the school have their favorites and let them do basically anything they want. Also some of the faculty only sometimes calls you out for breaking rules. It gets very confusing on what you can and can't do.
I think Rudder High School is outstanding. The teachers and staff are always there to help and encourage the students.
Not only is there uncontrollable fights every single day, but there is also a lack of attention to minorities and passed down to Caucasians to learn. Teachers use a lot of favoritism and tend to make little cliques of the students they are willing to teach while others have to work around that. There is also racism where teachers allow students to degrade others in the classroom.
For the three plus years I've been at this school, I met a lot of people who came from many different backgrounds and learned new ways of interacting with each other. However, I've also learned that the students here are relentless and often selfish. And the way that they handle conflict is not a efficient nor valid way of ending disputes. But when we gather together for pep rally and other events, We show our true school special and I think that is special about this school.
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If you were in an advanced class the teachers were great and actually seemed like the wanted people to learn and wanted to help us learn. The culture of the school is bad. The unmotivated kids outweighed the motivated kids and teachers have a high turnover rate.
Well I have been at James Earl Rudder high school for all of my 4 years of high school. It has been a good experience on m y end, the teachers are helpful and really care about your grades and your future. Has for the other kids, that aren't too great, most kids just don't care about their grades and act foolish all the time. But overall Rudder has prepared me for the next level of education.
its a good school other than most of the teachers not pointing out students who aren't following the rules.
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