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James Coble Middle School , is a very interesting place. It comes with lots of fun but hard work and responsibility. There is a lot of diversity, so you wont feel left out. Most try hard on their academics and usually succeed. Although there is a cockroach problem, that usually isn't something that gets away with our studies. I particularly enjoyed this school.
James Coble middle school is just your typical average school. The school is infested with cockroaches and the school doesn’t do anything to fix the problem. The bathroom is dirty. There are urine on the floor since the beginning of the school year. Don’t let me get started on the cafeteria food. It is below average. Sure there are a couple of good food they serve but typically it’s either over cooked or under cooked. The teacher are also very rude. They always fuss to get whatever they want. Some times they punish students for not even doing anything. Overall it’s just your average school.
At James Coble Middle School I really liked how the teachers took their time to get involved with each student and be able to help them invividually . We also have really good team sportsman ship with our peers and other teams .
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James Coble Middle School is the worst school my child has ever attended. I wish I could type more but this site restricts you to a 1000 characters. The teachers if you want to call them that are horrible and administration is even worse. I can not say enough horrible things about this crappy school!
It was a fun 2 years at James coble. There were some teachers that were not good but they left so other than that the school is a good place to go to .
It is fine but the student judgment is way to high, Students should not judge each other bye their looks or by what they wear,but by how they act.
James Coble Middle School is an outstanding AVID school that makes sure we are given great opportunities and see to it that we are ready for college. The teachers see to it that we do the best we can in every subject whether it's Math or Athletics. We are opened to all cultures and and in fact welcome them. Our school is 50% Academics, 40% college readiness, and 10% FUN!!!
You'll be prepared for the next step.
There is a wide variety of clubs and organizations. You don't really get pressed into joining one.
Just like all schools there are great days and some not so much. You'll enjoy your experiences and have many lasting memories
A good majority of the teachers are excellent, finding engaging methods for a lesson, and providing challenging lessons.
Overall the security is pretty good. We have drills every now and then and then we also have cameras inside and outside of the school. We have a nurse and a school police officer. So it's pretty safe.
Band was pretty good. National Junior Honor Society met quite frequently but we didn't really do as much as I felt we could have.
I have made two of my best friends here but the school is pretty rough. The teachers try there best but it is more about the students. Not everybody is the same but there are a lot of people that are causing trouble or disrespectful. On the last day of school this year there was a big food fight and a fight in the band hall.
The teachers are overall effective at their jobs. They try their best to help us learn but every now and then you will get a teacher that nobody likes or agrees with and us really harsh to students.
At James Coble Middle School, most of the teachers are very dedicated to their work, and go above and beyond to help as many students as possible. Some teachers didn't really teach and just showed their students powerpoints, but others really tried their best. Grades were in as soon as possible, and most teachers were passionate about what they taught.
HIGH college going culture

Teachers go above and beyond

Over Qualified Staff

Lots of Resources
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I feel safe at school
The staff and teachers help you throughout school as long as you ask for help or if you need it
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