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The school should put more money spent towards funding academic programs for student learning. There needs to be more involvement from administration on school-wide issues.
The faculty and staff really try to help you understand the importance of education and college readiness. They helped me prepare but I felt like it would go even smoother if they would hire a larger counseling staff.
I went to school at James Clemens, I loved the arts. They always had something going on and something to express. We had refuel, refuel was a hour break for lunch where you could go to clubs, eat hang out with your friends around school. I enjoyed my time by going to my art class and painting. Something that I would've liked that they could improve is, College preparation. It would be nice having a feel or a kind of mindset that has you prepared for college.
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The admin, counselors, teachers, and staff genuinely care about the students at James Clemens. The course offerings are widely diverse to serve every student, at every level, in both academic and elective persuits.
I liked James Clemens High School. There is a wide variety of opportunities available to students, from internships to career academies to a wonderful arts program to many AP classes.
I love the facilities and general feeling at JCHS. While there is a big emphasis on science and math, classes in the fine arts are also supported. There is a nice diversity of students because of the nearby arsenal and NASA. School culture is great fun as we are the Jets and from the design of the building (airport terminals) to announcements in airport style. It is a good day to be a Jet.
Overall, James Clemens is a very good high school. Most of the teachers are invested in what they are teaching and the progress of the students. I personally love the "refuel" system, wherein all students have an hour-long lunch to talk, makeup tests, and join clubs. The field house needs some work and some cleaning and is heavily skewed towards football (to be expected with southern high schools).
Over my four years of high school, I have been to three different ones, and just within the first month alone, James Clemens became my favorite. The school is amazing and new, the teachers are very friendly and helpful, and allow the students to make their decisions on what to do academically.
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James Clemens places a high importance on academia. The core classes and electives have a rigorous curriculum and workload. It’s clear that the purpose of each class is to prepare students for higher education. James Clemens has an abundance of electives, extracurricular activities and has a very diverse student body.
James Clemens High School is one of the best high schools in Alabama. Most of the teachers are genuinely invested in their students academics and any other personal issues they may have. The extracurricular activities are top-notch. It is very diverse and has a lot of culture. The academies such as the Biomedical Academy, Engineering Academy, Construction Academy, etc, prepare you and educate you very well. The Fine Arts department is also one of the best in the state. Overall, it is an 11/10 school!
I liked James Clemens for all that it had to offer students, in that some of the classes were more specialized, instead of being your basic high school classes. In addition, this school did a good job of preparing me for college with the level of work in my AP classes, as well as the rigor and speed of such classes.
James Clemens High School is an exceptional school. It offers so many opportunities for every different type of student. It has amazing programs that preform well against others.
What I liked about James Clemens High School was how the teachers and administration were very accepting to me when I transferred in. I also liked the relationships I built with the basketball team when I played for James Clemens,
James Clemens is a very high educational high school. As a high schooler that moved schools three times, I can most definitely say that James Clemens has
very high education standards. One thing I wanted more of was more connections and time with teachers and students since it is a block system I only had a semester to meet friends and new teachers.
I have been truly blessed to attend such a wonderful school! Teachers and coaches truly care about the students. They pour so much of themselves into the students and athletes. The resources and experiences offered at James Clemens are grade A. I count myself very fortunate to be a part of such a special place.
I liked James Clemens. There was opportunity for involvement and a diverse student body. I wish there would have been more ways to get involved in leadership and the community.
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James Clemens has been an overall pretty good experience for me. Everything is 4-5 stars except for the administration, they’re kind of rude and most of the student body doesn’t care for them. Other than that, most of the teachers are great and I have had access to so many opportunities - and as a low income student that’s a great compliment.
I think the main thing I love about James Clemens High School is its diversity. There are so many different types of people and the integration of the people is wonderful. I also overall have had great experiences with my teachers, some of them becoming my favorite teachers I've ever had. From my experience, they really do want to help you excel. James Clemens prides itself on its academics and I really appreciate that. The school is very fortunate to have the resources it has to help children learn and I'm so glad I'm apart of it. I truly believe that my time at James Clemens will help me overcome any obstacles I may face in college and beyond.
James Clemens is an amazing school to attend! There are so many classes and extracurriculars you can participate in at all times. There are endless opportunities here, and we offer classes for career fields of any type, so when when you leave you can know what you want to become or what type of career field you may want to enter when you leave.
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