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While it is a state of the art facility, it still has its drawbacks. We are constantly pushed to the limit and they expect so much sometimes that it becomes too much pressure that not everyone can handle. The teachers are usually great, but for some reason the science department is lacking compared to the rest of the school.
James Clemens is a wonderful school with many opportunities and chances for students to explore career paths, and succeed. Everything from theatre to football is valued and strong. James Clemens High School's teacher are helpful and always make sure their students are prepared for whatever they are planning to do next.
I love how every teacher is willing to help and work with you through anything and they will make exceptions if you need it!
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James Clemens is a very diverse school with moderate sized classes. Teachers find time to work one-on-one with students when needed. And all of the faculty and staff and administration is very nice and helpful.
James Clemens High School is a perfect school to learn core subjects while simultaneously learn about you future career.
It is a really good school. I would only recommend it to students who are used to big schools with a lot of people. The school could improve its diversity though. This school does have refuel hour( an hour of lunch) , the students have not received any instructions on what to do in case of an accident.
It has great academics with a lot of career academies to choose from. For the most part, the teachers are very helpful and teach well.
Although James Clemens is a very new school, I believe that it is better than most other schools on almost every standard. Since James Clemens is such a big school with each class size averaging about 450 students, there are so many different classes and clubs that can fulfill a variety of interests. From the Medical Academy to the Theatre and Arts program, there is something for everyone.
James Clemens not only is a great school, but provides great opportunities. For one, we have an one hour lunch called, “refuel” to help students discuss classwork and homework issues, and to let us have time to study. James Clemens also provides many career opportunists such as internships. For one, I’m in the Health Science Internship as of now which allows me to explore my options in a hospital, and know what it is like to work in one. I’m greatful for attending a school like mine because without it, I wouldn’t know what I plan to do after graduating.
James Clemens High School is one of the most diverse schools I have been involved with. There are many races/ethnicities within this schools which has really helped open an eye to culture and new experiences. The school work is very fast paced and challenging. The advanced program here is very rigorous and demanding. I am perfectly fine here at James Clemens and I would not change anything.
James Clemens is a very nice high school that has been blessed with great resources. The administration has set up a dynamic, hour long lunch period that can be extremely useful for student use.
JC is amazing! We have so many academic fields, as well as extracurriculars! Our programs are top in the state across the board, and still rising.
I've never been the most outgoing student, or most involved, but James Clemens is the best high school I could imagine. I've never had any problem with teachers, other students are generally easy to deal with, and the staff is very supportive and even in the summer very quick to respond to any questions you have. Many of my favorite experiences have happened here, and as a minority in a highly white population, I have been treated with respect, and never discriminated against. Because of this school, I'm very prepared for my next four years afterward at Harding University, and have always been able to use whatever technology or resources I needed. I've always felt safe in the top-notch facilities because of the amazing on-duty officers, and the staff that trains us for situations. So simply, James Clemens is an amazing school!
I spent four years there and did not have too many bad experiences. I was a minority and was concerned at first but I became involved in football and Lacrosse and was accepted. It eased my concerns. The teachers really care for the most part. They supported the football teams and helped me be able to get the supplies I needed when my parents couldn't afford the large sum of money needed to be apart of the team.
I loved the AP classes and how they prepared me for college. I wish they had offered more. I also wish that some of the teachers were more willing to work with their students in order to pass their classes. I also think that they should allow all of the students the same opportunity to participate in clubs and sports teams. There was a lot of diversity at the school and the academics here rocked.
James Clemens is a greats school with a great staff in Madison Alabama. It is ranked #1 in the state because if the hard work the students and teachers put into themselves and others everyday. Everyone is happy and grateful to be in a environment that pushes students to be their best all day, everyday.
It has been a fun time at JC. Im about to be a senior and it has flown by. Jc is a nice and safe school but I wish they had more niche clubs and have better prepared me for college applications
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I like our block schedule. It allows for more valuable time in class. We also get a full hour for lunch where we can meet with our clubs and hang out with our friends. I would like to see a rotating schedule. Our current schedule is 4 blocks in a day. We would go to classes 1, 2, 3, and 4 the first week. The second week would be 2, 3, 4, and 1.
The school system is very well put together and the faculty and staff care about students in a way that no doubt encourages learning. Having an hour-long lunch also is a major plus.
James Clemens made me appreciate my education more because they wanted to see me improve and be one something in life.
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