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Overall, my experience with James Campbell high school was like a roller coaster. Because of the population, hence it is the biggest school in the state, I had a lot of interactions and established many connections with fellow classmates and teachers. Some improvements that can work with Campbell are expanded parking lot and well organized facilities to tame its population of students.
James Campbell High school is a big diverse school. Within this diversity among everyone, you are not going to meet every single person in the school because of how classes are far away.
The learning environment here is not bad but, it is also not great because of how students personalities are. Campbell has great college readiness classes here that guide the students on how to apply, provide the tools and interact with them.
Athletics are great here. We have a lot of committed students here, they work hard in school just to play the sport. It's pretty great.
Overall James Campbell High school is an average school.
James Campbell high school is a very good school. Despite being over poplulated, this school does its best to help students achieve success. It just depends on which student is ready to work hard for success. James Campbell high school has very good programs that will get students ready for college and they have academies that help involved student into gettting the career they want or the academies help them choose what career they desire if they haven’t already figured it out. The only thing I’d like to change would be the football field and track. This is because the track is dirt and the football field is real grass, not that the students don’t mind. It’s just, compared to other schools, they have nice tracks and nice football field with their school name in it. While for Campbell, the football field needs some work.
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I have a lot of pride in my school and my community. I am blessed to have all the love and support from my friends, teachers and faculty here. We are constantly growing however, I hope the renovations to the school help carry our numbers in the future.
James Campbell High School offers an AVID program that prepares its students for college. They prepare their students by offering tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays, students have the opportunity to mentor other AVID students, and prepares their college skills through WICOR and practicing soft skills such as communication and time management. Another good thing about Campbell is that they have supportive teachers willing to help their students get through their class and also uses AVID techniques to prepare other students who are not in the AVID program.
I like how they tried to provide resources to the school, such as early college. Provided air condition, some AP classes, and etc. The teachers are nice. Students are able to communicate easily to each other: student, teachers, peer and etc.
I believe that James Campbell High School is a pretty decent public school. There are a lot of teachers and administrators that actually care about you and are willing to take that extra step to see you succeed. However, I don't like the way they're trying to enforce dress tops because if you don't have it on, you'll get detention and they've never done that until now.
What I like about James Campbell High is that it is a very big school. I am the type of school who likes going to big school creating new friends in a way that will help with homework and more motivation. This school is a very safe school with a lot of respectful students. We are a very diversity school public school and all the students are very friendly in school. Being here for 4 years now I have learned to see how James Campbell high school grew and changed from before. We have created enough money from 2016 till now to have AC in all classes. Adding on to that our school are currently creating a building new building for it to have bigger classes and more classes to take things in.
Overall, James Campbell High School is not a school that aims for improving their students. Their priorities are entirely mixed up. Whoever controls the budget has no idea what they’re doing as our funding is going towards expanding the school instead of taking care of the buildings they already have set in place.
I’ve been attending James Campbell High School for all four years of my high school career. JCHS is the largest public high school in the state of Hawaii, by saying that there is a variety of push and pull factors about this school. Push factors such having an over population of students reaching above maximum capacity of the school. But this school also provides the greatest school spirit during our football games along with any sporting games, they constantly have faulty roam around school to ensure order within the school along with building relationships with their students.
My experience at James Campbell High School was average or maybe slightly less so. The academics at the school and teacher involvement is very poor, with few classes actually creating actual learning. Students are far less prepared for college in comparison to high schools in the main land. However, the admin is implementing a series of changes and adjustments which will hopefully improve the schools overall academics.
They’re grading system isn’t too great. Uniform & nametag policy is getting outta hand. On the bright side, their college & career center really helps you for the next level of education. Also, their academies gives you a feel of what you want to be when you grow up.
I really like the school's spirit and care for student's learning. The school does a great job with coming up with strategies to keep us safe. I would like to see an increase of qualified and willing teachers at the school.
Students attending James Campbell High School have different opportunities to join different clubs and activities. We also have different academies. In those academies, there are different programs provided for the students. For example, in the Teaching and Learning Academy, we were given an opportunity to get dual credit by taking early college for the education pathway. Overall, Campbell's academic is outstanding because it benefits students in many ways. Also, the diversity of ethnic backgrounds helps us come together as one and spread the aloha we share in school.
James Campbell High School is well on track with preparing its students for college or workforce. The faculty and staff work very hard to develop and improve their students for success in and outside of the classroom.
When I first started at Campbell, dress tops and tardies were hardly enforced. Although, now in my senior year of high school, the school has enforced tardies and dress tops usage more through detention, phone calls home, and etc. James Campbell High School also started to use AVID strategies more within classes outside of the AVID classroom to better prepare students for college. We also have security that patrol all over campus and stand watch at the entrances and exits of our campus.
I like how friendly the teachers and staff are to the students and everyone seems to respect each other! I wish there was more information and help provided to new students that are not freshman.
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At James Campbell High School, we have a very diverse population of students and staff. Every single day you would see someone new. We have an outside, open campus which is nice as I don't feel like I am locked up in school. However, at times it is difficult to focus in classes since most of the classes that I attend do not have AC. Another concern is that our parking lot is very limited, making it a stressful morning, worrying about finding parking. From my experience of the teachers at Campbell, most have great personalities but some honestly lack educating students effectively.
This school has come very far since my freshman year. Having an AC classroom was rare but now, majority of the school has AC. The school is very populated, but managing. The sports teams at James Campbell is very impressive. Academically, the school is getting better and better each year; Campbell follows the AVID values and strategies. They really strive for their students to be college and career ready. One effort to better help students with their future, they created academies, a system of broad groups to help students discover their passion and what they want to do in life in a certain field, like health or business.
Many of the teachers are very helping with academic work and really take the time to address the students that are struggling. I would like for the student to teacher ratio to be less in order for a better learning environment with my peers.
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