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As soon as I walked into James Caldwell High School, I felt like it was my home from home. On the first day of school, our principal said this was the "place of the possibilities". I made new friends, joined new clubs, sports and other activities at James Caldwell. I discovered myself here and this school has helped shape me into the person I am today. I enjoy coming here because it is more than just school. It is a very enjoyable time and the people here are more then friends; it is like a family. My Vice Principal said to me, "This is the happiest place on Earth besides Disney World,". I knew by the first month that this was my new reality.
I have had two daughters study at JCHS. I would give the teachers 5 stars. I have never met more dedicated faculty and staff. Academics are strong and I agree with other reviews that the school could benefit from more advanced level classes but does an excellent job with the resources it has. Both my daughters were active in the music program which also benefits from great faculty and well-organized parent support. The administration is solid, but what keeps me from giving this school 5 stars is the lack of a real, tangible effort to outwardly address issues of race and gender.
Very good school for overall student involvement and growth. I find the resources, teachers, as well as the administration supportive to the students. School culture and diversity is good.
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As a public school, it was accommodating to the needs of high achieving students, but it lacked encouragement to those students who weren't always in the spotlight. It often favored students who already did well in school, thereby allowing them to continue to do well, but not always push those who might have needed a little more motivation by making their horizons seem limitless. Also, the lack of diversity was stifling to young growing minds.
I am so grateful to have been able to have attended a high school that has prepared me to take the next steps in my life to pick a college after applying to a few. The teachers were always making sure everyone in the classroom understood the lesson that was being taught. I wish the teachers provided more assistance and understanding to students, like me, who get overwhelmed by the demands from each class. Instead of just learning what the curriculum requires, life skills would be very beneficial as well.
I was able to get a good education at JCHS. The students with special needs were not quite as lucky. Overall I benefited a lot academically, but I did not enjoy going to this school. It was an unpleasant experience.
I was challenged academically everyday at James Caldwell in my numerous AP classes and I had some amazing teachers. However, some bathrooms are outdated and some kids use them as an excuse to vape. The administration has buckled down on these kids but it would just be nice if they could stop on their own. I also played sports and while we have pretty good sports programs, they can only go so far because of the coaching. If we had better coaches who knew more about the game, our teams would do better.
James Caldwell high school has tremendous teachers and opportunities if the student chooses to take advantage of them. The honors classes that I took were extremey difficult but rewarding and resembled APs. The students who take regular classes and excel will be taught well and have been accepted to some competitive schools. The honors and AP teachers are passionate.
James Caldwell Highschool is a good school because all of the teachers and administration are always trying their best to support their students and help them excel. My high school helps us prepare for college by offering many AP courses and making the regular classes challenging as well. Another pro about the school is the variety of clubs and sports that we have. Some cons about the school is that we do not have a lot of diversity because the population if the school is primarily white. Also the food isn't the best in the cafeteria but we are allowed to bring our own lunch so it's not that bad.
Excellent experience with two students going through this school. The administration listens to students' and parents' concerns. The teachers are dedicated and genuinely care about their students. They could use more high-level/ AP courses for the most motivated students, but given the small size of the school, it's understandable. My only negative comment is that there is not much diversity and that brings a general culture that lacks cultural awareness and sensitivity in the school. The administration is proactive in addressing individual concerns in this regard, but could do more to improve in this area.
I like that the preparedness and thoroughness when it comes to colleges, I do not like the corruption and administration abuse of power
Huge lack in diversity, the whole school is white. The food is atrocious, in which I received (minimal, but evident) nausea and food poisoning from. Many of the teachers are very easy to approach and amiable. Lots of clubs and a large focus on sports.
Good enough academics that everyone graduates and goes to college. Still has one of the most racist mascots (and therefore traditions like the "War Chant" at football games) that you'll see in the 21st century.
James Caldwell High School is a decent high school. However, it is extremely white with little diversity and struggles to be an accepting space for LGBTQ students or anyone who is different.
As a current student, I have a great appreciation for JCHS. While some teachers are not very helpful or supportive, there are many teacher who are very educated and know what they are doing. The administration is pretty good and attempts to solve all issues at the school, but sometimes they ignore large issues. The classes offered are all pretty good with a large amount of AP choices and the AP teachers are all very dedicated to their students. Overall this school has a few flaws, but has some very good classes and teachers who prepare students for the future.
I like that James Caldwell High School has a good amount of friendly teachers. But the majority or them are careless and unhelpful. The student body is also very rude to each other, and many students are bullied. I believe our administration should be taking action to solve these problems.
At James Caldwell High School, I made friends and memories that I could never forget. Although my time with them was outrageously fun, my time actually spent in school was horrendous. To begin, the administration did not treat the students fairly. There were teachers who were very mean and verbally attacked kids and there were times where student got in trouble for things they were not involved in. Also, I did not approve of the cleanliness of the school. I always felt dirty while being there and there are always cave crickets in the field house bathroom. Do not get me wrong, there are some teachers that would go out of their way to help the students, but sadly that was not enough.
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James Caldwell is a small school that feels big. There are many great courses offered as well as athletic teams to join. The school prepares you for college and let's you sample many different subjects.
I liked how much this school valued is education. Teachers truly wanted students to succeed and I know I am a better person because of it.
Music program is great, I've been in it (district wide) for 11 years. They're funny, hard working and passionate about their jobs and the performance of students whether in band, chorus, orchestra or small groups. Not a big fan on athletics so I don't know much about them, but I know the coaches are good teachers. In a predominantly white neighborhood, there could be more diversity but it's growing slowly. Academics most teachers I've had are excellent. The clubs are diverse and you can easily find an advisor to help kickstart it. The cafeteria's teriyaki/sweet&sour/General Tso's chicken is amazing.
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