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James C. Enochs High School Reviews

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I had a great experience at Enochs because it was a very clean and safe campus. Although it lacked diversity, I still felt very comfortable and educated. One thing I think we can improve is the cafeteria food, but besides that I loved the experience!
Its actually a pretty good school just some things about it are frustrating. Like having very bad math teachers where you normally learn nothing at all but we also have very good English teachers.
This school couldn't be more perfect. The teachers have a genuine concern for their students and are passionate about teaching. I've met many new people along my way due to the size of the school. The campus is often clean and lively. The food could be better, however. I'm truly going to miss Enochs when I graduate in 2019.
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Offers a lot of AP classes. Not enough foreign language offered. Far to much bullying, that the school is unable to stop due to federal regulations. They don't stand by their word or handle staff/coaching issues. Students who earn awards are not allowed to celebrate their success.
James Enochs does well in preparing its students and giving them a chance to succeed. Their academics are the best in the entire district, and this is seen through their excellent teaching staff. It should be noted that while some teachers are not the best at their jobs, the ones that are the best are exceptional and set a very high standard for their students to succeed. This school can improve on raising the bar for the other teachers. The most successful students come from the top, but by supporting students in the lower-level classes and grade-levels, this school can see significant growth.
I enjoy most aspects of James C. Enochs. I feel relatively safe at my school. My school is also clean and offers a wide array of extra curriculars. Although most of my peers are sensible people, a select few are racists and make going to school uncomfortable.
I had a good experience. I like how there is a lot of school spirit. We also have a lot clubs that fit everyone and anyone's interests.
My experience at James C. Enochs over the past four years was one that shaped my character in a positive way. I would say that our strongest point is academics and the people around you will push you to be the best person you can be. The culture is also positive, not to mention the best college counselor in the district. Everyone is so committed to help you further your education and improve for the next step of college.
I like Enochs because it has a diverse population of students, the teachers here care about the students and are good at what they teach, and the facilities are nice. School spirit here is amazing. The dances, spirit weeks, and games are fun and exciting. The food is also good, and there is a variety, but it could be better. Overall, this school has prepared me well for college, and I would not have wanted to go anywhere else.
Overall the school is nice to go to, due to its variety of classes, big campus and friendly staff. What I would like to see change is if the school would have an open campus instead of closed.
At Enochs High School I got to participate in a variety of clubs such as Dance Club, Fashion Club, Varsity Cheer, and Leadership. I loved dressing up for the spirit weeks because everyone participated and the rally’s that happened at the end of the day were super fun to attend.
I honestly love this school, it has such an amazing atmosphere. The students are incredibly nice, as well as the campus security who are always watching out for us. I feel genuinely safe at this school, and think they really do help us students out as much as they can acedemically. There are so many resources available for us and the teachers genuinely care about their students' well being.
James C. Enochs High School is one of, if not the best high school in Modesto. The environment is really clean and safe; the AP Program is wonderful, and the teachers are exceptional educators. One thing I would like to see improve is a bigger emphasis and focus on the Physical Education Program, as I find it to be quite underwhelming for the students.
My name is Amisadai Munoz from Modesto, California and my current school is James C. Enochs High School. My experience about this school is so far great. It's my second school year here and I don't want to leave this school until I am off to college or a University. The teachers here are great, nice, and helpful, as well as the counselors that are preparing us for college and what classes we need to take before us students, leave high school. I love the different kinds of clubs, programs, and electives the school has. I am have been in band, currently in Orchestra and drama, it's filled with fun and great people or friends. I enjoy very much being in this school and so is my experience.
It is a decent school with decent teachers. The facilities are nice and I would consider it over all diverse.
Enochs is a fairly new, nice campus. Some of the teachers are really good about connecting with their students, but as with any high school, there are some who fall short of expectations. One thing I really like about Enochs is it's newspaper publication, Eagle's Eye, which contains exceptional articles and layouts.
James C. Enochs is a very interesting school to be apart of, every friday we have music and games. I think this truly brings our school together because kids always have dance battles and the Campos even get into it.
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I loved being part of this school system and developing there through the music programs as well as the AP courses. The teachers are involved and enjoy helping out the students, and the culture is overall supportive toward keeping school pride.
Enochs is a great place filled with, for the most part, amazing teachers who want to see me succeed and do well. A lot of the teachers I've had over the past four years have been there for me academically - their doors are open before school, after school, and during lunches, and they are always willing to help with any material I don't understand. Another great thing about Enochs is the sense of community that we all have. Whether it's within the classroom, during lunch, or at football games, everyone comes together and has fun, both with friends and with new people (since Enochs is such a big school and it's difficult to go one day without seeing a new face around). From our wonderful and helpful college counselor, teachers, to the presentations from our counselors to make sure we are on track with college applications and graduation requirements - Enochs is an amazing school that has given me so many opportunities, experiences, and friends that I wouldn't trade for the world.
I have enjoyed attending James C. Enochs High School. The teachers are very nice and will provide extra help when asked. As an athlete of three less popular sports, golf, track, and wrestling, I believe there could be more done to encourage students to attend meets and support athletes. As an art student as well, I highly suggest the teachers of art, ceramics, and visual media (photography, video, and graphic design). They love what they do and really motivate students to do well.
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