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James Buchanan Middle School Reviews

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I’m a middle school student here. It’s my first year here and I’m an 8th grader. When I first got here, I was doing okay...then I missed one day of school(last Thursday. It’s Monday February 10) and I didn’t expect it to be much of a bad thing. I left the day before with As and Bs, then when I came back I had 2 Fs. Now I have 5. I’m not sure what happened. I do my work unless i miss a day sick or something. I’m being graded on things I didn’t even do because I didn’t know about it (from missing school Thursday) also apparently I’m not allowed to wear leggings under my shorts. That doesn’t make sense. I’ve been doing it my whole life and now I can’t. This school has caused me so much stress in only 4 weeks of being here. I’ve also cried multiple times because of fear of failing and not being able to do what I had plans to do for the future. I’ve been to 6 different schools, and this one, honestly, is the worst I’ve ever gone to.
James Buchanan is a great, dedicated school that is focused on its students. I would however like to see more activities that are sports related going on at James Buchanan Middle School.
The academics could be a lot better, but most students just don't care.
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They run out of food by the last lunch period of the day.
Some of the punishments done not fit, for what the student has done.
The experience was good, but I wouldn't go back because of how rude some of the students are.
The heating doesn't work whenever it is needed in the classroom.
The locker rooms and pool could use some upgrading/ renovation.
Some of the teachers are not clear with their communication skills.
A lot of the students aren't accepting.
A lot of the clubs are getting cut.
The school's safety services a great.
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