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The technology given to all students is great. I went to this school for all of my time in high school. the community consists of primarily farmers so it was surprising to see they give every student a personal Chromebook.
James Buchanan is a school with about 200 in the graduating class, a close-knit community, and where everyone knows who you are. Being in the middle of nowhere, the school does a great job of offering activities and clubs for students to participate in. Being asked to join yearbook in my sophomore year, I was promoted to be the first ever junior editor. Being a senior, looking back now I wouldn't trade it for the world. The faculty are different from any other. The superintendent actually makes it a point to visit the school to see the students. Resources such as morning tutoring sessions in the library and teachers are willing to help. Each student at James Buchanan has a computer that they can take home and use throughout the day. With the world evolving as much as it is, I think our school has done a good job of preparing us for the future. Feeling safe and welcomed in a place where you spend most of the days is worth everything.
The principal knew every single student by name and would say hello to them and talk to them in the hallways and outside of school. The teachers were very approachable and willing to help you and definitely prepared you adequately for your future in both that subject and in life skills.
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The teachers are absolutely phenomenal—especially the guidance counselors and college adviser. They will help you with anything, whether it be for planning your future, issues in the present, or dealing with the past; every single teacher is there for every single student. However, school-wide issues are very rarely dealt with in beneficial manners. Some students are very hateful towards others on a daily basis, yet the school has made a habit of letting the issues fly under the radar. As well as this, there have been common issues that students have with certain members of the faculty that have never been dealt with in a disciplinary manner, but rather the student has been told to adjust their behavior instead. However, other than that, JBHS is a great school to attend.
I had a great class that I grew up with and knew my entire life. Most of the teachers are very nice and understanding and taught me very good life lessons. Since it is such a small school, there is of course drama but also close bonds that will never be broken.
James Buchanan is quaint and quite beautiful because it is newly renovated. However, like many schools it does not prepare it's students fro life after high school; woodworking, electrical, plumbing, nursing and cooking classes cease to exist. Most teachers are hard working and dedicated, but there are several bad apples there as well (like every high school). Overall my experience at James Buchanan was positive due to it's wonderful music program, friendly staff, and personal experience.
James Buchanan High School is overall a pleasant place. There's not a lot of fights, and it's a very safe school. The rules can be really stupid sometimes though, and almost everyone at this school is white.
Very safe and inviting school that I had the privilege of attending. I hope to send my future kids here someday!
JB is overall an okay school. Decent people, excellent staff, but the organization can be a bit iffy.
It would be even better if students' opinions of teachers were taken into account. Most teachers are amazing, while others aren't. There are a few teachers that many students have problems with, yet nothing is done. Students have voiced their opinions about it, but nothing happens.
I enjoyed the music and arts program at James Buchanan, but I wish there were more accelerated academic opportunities there.
James Buchanan High School (JB) has given me a great overall high school experience. Even though JB is a small rural school there are many positive experiences offered. There is an amazing teaching staff that knows every student by name. The student and faculty relationships are close allowing students to reach their full learning potentials. The relationships between the students and counselors allow staff to accurately prepare students for their lives after high school. There are many academic opportunities including optional advanced placement and college classes. Everyone student is free to express themselves throughout a variety of clubs and activities. JB's high school community is strong, caring, and tight knit. Personally, the only thing I would change would have to be the competitiveness of athletics within the surrounding area. I would recommend JB to anyone looking for a strong education that will prepare them for life after high school.
James Buchanan is a great school. The people, for the most part, are kind and considerate. There could be more clubs to make things more interesting. We only have a handful of clubs, most of which aren't terribly intriguing.
I liked the atmosphere in the school district. The faculty and staff were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend teaching the students to manage money and time. I think it would fit in with the FLO class.
My high school experience has been everything I could have asked for and more. I truly love JB and I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else. I have created such tight bonds with not only my classmates, but with faculty and staff as well. I am going to miss everything about James Buchanan when I leave.
James Buchanan is a small, friendly high school with a beautiful scenery all around. The teachers are overall wonderful and the students are given a lot of great privileges and opportunities.
Not only is this high school well ran and well kept, but the entire district of Tuscarora is filled with passionate teachers and staff that care about their students before anyone else.
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I enjoy my time when I was a student here. I was able to make good friends and create bonds with Teacher's that helped me throughout high school. I would like to see change though is actually help student prepare for college. They were more worried about seeing them pass the class instead of engaging them for life or college in general.
Being a student here, we have excellent opportunities. Each student is known by name and we all get a laptop, which I am extremely thankful for as I am in the process of college applications.
Overall I enjoyed my time here. It was a good school and it was small enough that everybody knew everybody and the teachers could be more one on one with their students.
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