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My experience at James Bowie High School was great. While attending the school for 4 years, I've noticed change in the people and academics. The scores were looking better for the schools ranking and the rules on our safety has gotten more strict. Making my peers and I to feel more safe in our environment.
I think that James Bowie High School is a great place for learning in both an educational society and a cultural society. Bowie has a plethora of students who come from saliently different backgrounds socially, politically, and culturally. In no way do I ever feel inert or neglected as a student here. The teachers and staff all immensely care about all of their students and go above and beyond to make sure we receive the highest degree of care available.
James Bowie High School is very diverse, the teachers and staff are very welcoming and attentive of their students.
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James Bowie High School has been a neutral experience overall. Throughout the years, I've grown to love my school. I love the extra curriculars and school spirit. There are a few teachers that are very helpful and nice.
I liked how well everyone knew each other and I did like some of my teachers. Others not so much, I think they should really evaluate teachers more than they do also randomly, as it would actually keep them on their toes and teaching well. I can recall 4 teachers in just high school that I learned absolutely nothing from, and it wasn't because I wasn't trying, because everyone felt that way. I think that the athletics department could use some changing, which they did some once I left, so maybe it is better. Lunch was always bad and dreadful, but if you didn't bring one ya had to eat it or go hungry. Hardly any good food. I was a student here, proud not to be anymore. That should sum up the review.
The amount of diversity Bowie has is magnificent. Every day I come to learn something new about a person's culture and I think that it is so amazing that I can come to school not only to learn but to understand the world in my peer's perspectives.
I enjoyed my four years of being at James Bowie High School. I’ve gained many friends and a lot of knowledge from so many teachers. There were many struggles throughout the years, but it was definitely worth it to have attended there. One thing I would change is having a larger parking lot and having better air conditioning in the hallways.
My experience at James Bowie High school was a very diverse and college readiness school. It gave me a good expectation of what would be.
James Bowie High School is a very diverse school. Teachers are involved with students and very helpful! Staff and facility is very clean and overall good.
I give my school four stars because I have enjoyed my time here and have come across many passionate teachers and students who compel me to continue learning. I did not give it five stars because, like most schools, there are those few teachers who don't have the same passion for teaching and make learning and dreadful process fort he students. There was definitely more good than bad, but the bad still make an impact.
The school is gonna be split up with a lot of people always looking to make you better in and out of school. But you gotta know which friends you cant be around so you can do better in life.
James Bowie High School is a high school encompassing many college ready students with striving athletics and academics that come with lots of studying for the classes. A larger majority of the students are approachable and friendly. Lots of excellent and passionate teachers. Many online classes at James Bowie High School and computer classes that teach you how to navigate and use the internet efficiently.
My experience at James Bowie High School has been a rocky road for me. I feel that the academics are growing but the teachers and staff are not. I feel that our staff doesn’t give us there all and that what makes us fall off. Don’t get me wrong some of the teachers I had or had known they gave it there all to make us better and I appreciate them for wanting better for us, but I feel that should be everyone. But my experience could’ve been better but I still appreciate the ones who gave me good vibes in wanting better for my learning styles.
I love this school so much and everyone is so nice and Christ like. All of the teachers are so caring ad will help any student that is in need of it. They go out of their way to help even if they have to get to school early or stay late. The school is filled with some of the nicest people I have come to know.
It was challenging but offered lots of extracurricular activities and opportunities. The school building itself was not in the best condition, but was adequate. Teachers varied, but overall I had a positive experience with them.
I really enjoy Bowie because it's very diverse and the teachers understand that we're students but we're still people.
I've enjoyed my experience at Bowie for many reasons. I enjoy the block scheduling, the teachers, and the freedom that we're given. I feel as if it's good preparation for college.
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Very good experience, the teachers a very nice. When you need help it's always resources that can help you.
I enjoyed my High School year very much. If you can find a way to be involved it will defiantly improve ones time while in school.
I like how there are a lot of educated teachers, who want to help their students. I like the tutoring hours and how some of the teachers teach us. However, we need to have AC and heating in the hallways because it gets hard to breathe when the AC is broken in your classroom and when it's hot outside. In the winter, the hallways get really cold and it's not fun. We also need to have better security in order to get in to the school.
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