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When my son transferred from another school last year, and it was the best decision he ever made. The teachers really care about each and every student, and make every effort to help them succeed. There is very little homework, and lots of class trips.
This is a school that knows how to create a safe learning environment for everyone. With many different evolving curriculums for students to take interest , relate and learn from. Everyday being able to have a break, these breaks are called crew time from 12:55 to 1:35. During this time we discuss our personal life, do some academic work, play games or just relax. On Thursday we have town hall meetings. At those meeting crews pair up with each other and present topics of their crew choice. At the end of every school year we have crew olympics. At crew olympics you compete in physical challenges against other crews and I must say these are some of the most creative challenges I’ve ever heard of. There is a fairness committee that is student led and anyone can be taken to if the person feel they was done wrong. A wide Range of extra curricular activities like photography, meditation, mock trial and plenty of others. We really keep James Baldwin alive in our halls.
The school's staff is very helpful but some of the students are crazy. There is a lot to do at this school and a lot of freedom. This school is all about justice and the schedule is dope!
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I transferred to this school without knowing anything about it and it turns out that i love the school. The teachers care so much for the students. If you're a junior and a senior the counselors prepare you for college and scholarships and taking SAT. This school puts their student's first and they care so much about the student's opinion.
The teachers at James Baldwin are amazing! They are extremely supportive and dedicated. I wouldn't have got this far in HS if it wasn't for them. Although they are amazing, the student interaction is not so great. The school is divided into certain friend groups. Some kids are willing to make new friends and step out their comfort zone, and then there are kids who is not open minded to trying new things. Overall I'll give the school three stars out of five.
I have a big support system, everyone is polite and help me when I need it the most. When I feel like I can't finish they are sure to let me know I can do it. When work gets hard, all my teachers help me to make sure everything gets done and help me understand what I'm having trouble with. I get all the help I need when I'm applying for colleges and help me understand everything about college and how it works. All my teachers know my name and they make me feel welcomed and make me comfortable to talk during class discussions.
This school is incredibly diverse and nurturing. You feel like family, and you never feel as if there's a hierarchy between teachers and students, because everyone is looked at equally. We have specific core values that we go by and it's an incredible school.
Teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach us, and they genuinely care. There are so many opportunities to learn new skills, get internships/jobs, prepare for college or life after high school. This school gives inspiration and motivation to students who might not have finished high school if they didn't find Baldwin. This school is a second chance free of judgement for anyone who made mistakes at their previous school. The James Baldwin school strives to be a community that holds people accountable for their education.
The school has a safe environment. I haven't experienced any bullying or witnessed any.
I been involved in a couple afterschool activities and it has been great. I also know that there are a lot of different opportunities for student .
This school has been the best school I've ever been. I'm graduating soon and really don't want to leave. I know after highschool I will still be visiting and getting involved in James Baldwin school. This school is different from the rest because no matter who you are your accepted. The teachers and staff and students are all friendly and welcoming. I would recommend this school to everyone.
The teachers are very friendly . They go out of their way to help you no matter what. They care for everyone even if their new. They create such a safe and welcoming environment. I have no doubt I can go to any teacher with questions and they will be able to give me the answer.
The school is honestly a life changing experience if you allow it to be. All of the teachers place the intellectual, ideological, and emotional advancement of the students as their top priority. They do their best to instill a sense of community consciousness and engagement in all students, and prepare them for future studies. Provided you don't spend your days slacking off and not showing up, this school can adequately prepare you for college academics.
Amazing Teachers, but most students dont care about their education
my favorite experience was the senior march, it felt so good to do that.
we don't even have a basketball team, the basketball team we do have is mixed in with 6 other schools.
Theirs not much computers at this school, and the ones that we do have work very slow.
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Music club, fairness committee,art club, and dance
The need to engage with the parent more
I felt as if i was ready for the real world. That school showed me how to be an adult at a young age (17). It showed my life lessons that not even my parents couldn't show me.
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