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James B. Dudley High School Reviews

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Dudley High School Academy is the best. It prepared me for college. I am glad i chose to attend Dudley High schools. I will forever have lifetime friends.
I have loved my high school experience at the Illustrious James B Dudley High School. I have learned how navigate through good and bad groups of people and how to put my academics first, despite any extra-curricular activities. I would like the administration to be more understanding to peoples situations and for them to trust the students more.
James B. Dudley High, is an excellent high school with much respect for their background and culture. The atmosphere is beyond welcoming and the staff is a pleasure to work with. I believe there is no better school that could have fully prepared me for college as this school has done.
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I am a senior at dudley high school and i love this school. It is a great way to get the high school experience and a place you can be proud to call your alum. Go panthers !
At James B. Dudley High I loved the school pride !! Our school was like a family everybody grew up together! We are known for our sports many athletes have graduated went to college, and now they are in the NFL or NBA! I Love it because it was a historic school! I did have my moments where i dislike Dudley because of the people! It was like a school that focus on being popular or known. But overall its a good school.
Dudley was an amazing high school to attend and I would recommend going to anybody. Since freshman year the love the students had for each other as well as the teachers was unmatched, Dudley was truly one big family. I am more than proud to be an alumni. Dudley made me who I am!
I like how the teachers engage you into learning and teach you real life problems. The students here are really nice. Also I’ve never seen any bullying here at Dudley. I love my school
I love my school. I do however think that the food could be better because most of the students do not eat that food and find a way to sneak food onto campus without anyone noticing.
The teachers really try to you help be successful, through effective teaching and guidance. Also the counselors are really hands on and they encourage the students to come to them and to talk to them about colleges, career paths, scholarships, how to get on track...etc
James B Dudley High School is a High School that promotes the rich legacy of the school and knows how to continuously upkeep the tradition that they have done since 1929 when it was founded. Dudley High School promotes students being Determined, Honorable and Successful in everything they do. As well, they promote a wonderful environment for students,staff and parents. May there always be a Dudley High! I enjoy attending the Great James Benson Dudley High School.
It's an okay school. The staff can be a bit unorganized. As an attending senior here, I tend to find things out at the last minute. I am not a last minute person so that was irritating for me. As far as academics it all depends on the teachers, Luckily most of my teachers were helpful.
The Great James B Dudley High School has provided me with some of the best opportunities as well as memorable times of my life. As a member of the Early College Academy, Marching Band, Softball/Track Team, College Ambassadors Club, SGA, and more... I have had an unlimited amount of resources to ensure that succeed in school, in college and most importantly in the future as an adult in the real world. Everyone from janitors to administrators wants to see every last one of the students succeed. I couldn't be more grateful for the culture and lifestyle granted by my panther family!
I been attending Dudley since my junior year and being new to the school with me not knowing anyone I made a few friends and the teachers I had my junior year were helpful and very nice. My overall experience of James B Dudley high school was good for the most part but some of the students are a little too much but i guess that is everywhere. I give the teachers i dealt with thumbs up since Ive been attending Dudley. With this being my last year and its almost over at Dudley i can say i'm gonna miss it sometimes.
The teachers, staff, principal and college advisors WANT to see you succeed. They will push you and push you throughout the whole school year but in the end you realize how much they cared. I transferred to Dudley my Senior year. Even though I only got to experience Dudley for one year, it was enough to see how much spirit the students as well as the staff have. I loved every teacher I had that year. I could tell they loved their job, and that sets the vibe for the whole class. They connected with us so that made communicating with them so much easier. Spirit week, pep rallies, sports events, etc. were definitely the highlights of the year.
I loved attending Dudley High! The staff actually cared about their students and taught with passion. It was great school pride. The campus overall looked nice.
James B Dudley is a great Highschool to attend. This school provides great experiences for young high schoolers, awesome school pride, and also it is a African American historic School! The school falculty are great people and they are very helpful when they are in need. They provide anything you need. Overall, this school is a great school to attend, and I think many parents should consider their child attending the great James B Dudley High.
I loved Dudley's heart and pride. The students are never ashamed of representing Dudley. Their energy is cannot be duplicated. Dudley High is truly one of a kind. The only change I would like to see is more school events and pep rallies, so we can express the pride for our school more often.
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My experience at James B. Dudley High School has been amazing! Some of the teachers there have not only been helpful, but have also went out there way to make sure I’m on the right track. Thanks to this school I will be graduating high school early in January! I have met different races and learned their story, Dudley makes sure that everyone is treated the same. We have career fairs, diversity fairs, etc, it’s just a great community and everyone always makes you feel welcomed. They have great scholarships for people who are in band or play sports, which is really great. #PantherPride !!!
This is my senior year at James B.Dudley High School &’ it’s actually my first year here. When I first found out I was coming to this school I was a little hesitant and didn’t want to come at all, I had heard so many things about Dudley that made me never want to attend. But I was surprised that all the stories I had heard weren’t true , Since I’ve enrolled in August I’ve been on A/B Honor Roll, Accepted into the PBIS Leadership Group, and I’ve been on a Roll, the teachers are GREAT! &’ the students are friendly I’ve met a couple of people. The teachers actually wanna see you succeed and do THEIR VERY BEST to make sure that you do.
Dudley has been a very good experience so far due to the preparation for College and activities like sports and clubs
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