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James B. Davidson Middle School Reviews

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Davidson teachers and faculty are outstanding! I have a 7th grader at DMS and I have been impressed with the focus the teachers place on helping every student achieve their potential - both academically and emotionally. This school gets an unnecessary bad wrap - it is a fantastic place for kids to grow, experience the real world and make lifelong connections.
I felt safe at Davidson never had much to be scared of.
There is some room for improvement, however I think this school offers enough extracurricular activities for all students to participate in.
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I had a great time at Davidson Middle School. My parents and teachers always kept me motivated to be the best student I could be. I never felt like I had no one to talk to because most of the teachers are very welcoming and understanding.
Teachers at Davidson Middle School really focus on, one on one connections with their students. Teachers are also consistently looking for new and more effective ways to make sure their students are engaged in the lessons they are teaching.
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