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James B. Conant High School Reviews

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The past four years at James B. Conant high school have been filled with many great memories and opportunities. I have had a positive experience over all and highly recomend this high school to all different types of students.
Starting off, freshmen year is intimidating for everyone. Yet, when I walked in to Conant I felt invited and had a sense of all the great opportunities that would come. For the next following years I was able to join about five clubs, the cheerleading team, and take five Advanced Placement courses. Conant high school has a lot to offer to all types of students.
I think Conant is a great school. I'm having a wonderful time in this high school.
Great teachers. The staff members are very respondent to the student's needs.This school is truly one of the good ones with less snobbery. 
I especially liked the friendships I developed with my teachers. Even though I have already graduated, I keep in touch with many of my high school teachers. Conant has a very supportive and friendly learning environment. Each time I go back to visit, I think about how amazing my high school experience was!
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I love how everyone at this high school is so highly motivated and friendly! I loved all the teachers and staff. The coaches are all about good grades first. Everyone here is great it cant get any better.
One thing I love about this high school is how much freedom the school offers to students to take learning into their own hands and have initiative to study as well as explore their own interests. The students have a voice within the school and are in control of their own path in what they want to do.
Lots of choices, and most teachers are great! Some of the older teachers are very strict, but you won’t get the. Very often
The amount of learning and growth helped me become a better student. Before going into high school, I was a student that never really cared about school and grades. I was the type of person that used to slack off and not care about academics. When I first walked into Conant High School, I felt the change in myself when I'm inside and outside the classroom. All teachers and staff helped motivate me toward a better path in schooling. Time went by and i began doing better in school and became a better person. I truly thank all the staff and friends that helped me become the person i am today.
Conant High school was a good place to attend for many reasons. First, being the teachers want you to succeed and are willing to help you get to where you need to be to do so. Second, they hall monitors are the nicest people to anyone they come into contact with. They create strong bonds with students and staff over the years they attend or work at Conant, they truly changed the experience for me! Lastly, the atmosphere at Conant is great! Students can do what they want at school for extracurricular activities at school, including sports, clubs, musicals, even intern with your favorite teachers! Overall, Conant is a great atmosphere for incoming students and returning students in the D211 school district area!
What I really liked about Conant was the feeling of safety. I always felt safe in open places like the hallways and cafeteria. The worst I’ve had happen to me is upperclassmen teasing me. There would be talk of an occasional fight, but I don’t recall hearing about those too often. A lot of the teachers I had were very understandable, nice and always acted like they knew what they were doing. I don’t recall ever having a really bad experience with a teacher. If there was one thing I could have changed it’s the quality of the cafeteria food. I understand that school food is expected to be subpar, but I still feel like it could have been better. If they could afford to provide students with iPads for certain classes, they should be able to focus money to a better lunch menu. I hope that it has improved since I graduated from there.
This community high school was not a horrible school, the teachers and administrators will do anything to help you. The cafeteria food is not the best but once you are a junior you are able to go off campus which i think everyone took advantage of. Meeting people was great it was not hard to find a group to fit in. Navigating where you are not suppose to is very hard. I do wish that the school had more of a program for those who were unsure about a career.
Conant works for kids who have a path through life. However for those struggling with academics or depression it falls short. I didn’t know that my school offered someone to be a therapist for me until my second semester of senior year. At other points in my high school career that would have saved my struggling family money and it would’ve got me more of the help I needed. I recommend conant invests in mental health.

Officer Donnahue’s presence made me feel safer. More school resource officers.

My sister has started poms but we don’t have money to pay for her to take additional dance classes and the school can’t help us out. If the school offers it than it should be self contained in the school system and affordable.

Conant does have good teachers who inspire students. Mr. Moravak, Mr. Leblanc, Mr. Avella, Mr. Leonard, Mr. Kurfess, Mr. Kernats, and those are just the ones I’ve had. I’d say keep it up but there’s still room for more good teachers.
Conant is a very excellent environment to be in. Everyone is very welcoming and nice. Even though some of the teachers may not be the best everyone is always prepared to survive after high in either the working world or higher education paths.
Conant is a safe environment with abundant opportunities for their children. Students can easily create new clubs and join numerous clubs ranging from theatre to speech to woodworking to etc. Personally, this was the best experience as this abundance in clubs enabled me to create new friends with similar tastes as I. Also, Conant’s athletics has been exceptional the last few years, more so as they are known for being in the more competitive batch. Lastly, Conant’s academics is certainly more than average. Conant offers AP classes and honors classes for the exceptional students, and Conant offers tutoring for the students that are struggling.

The only issues that I have had with Conant is its problems with drugs. Recently, Conant has been having an issue with students vaping. It has escalated to the point that Conant has been remodeled to remove every bathroom door. The other issue that I have with Conant is their counselors. Some seem to be unable to help their students.
The staff is extremely competent and helpful with anything you may need and always willing to assist you. Activities are extremely fun and encorgaed since there is a wide variety which is great
I absolutely loved being a student at Conant! The environment is very positive, and the staff is extremely friendly, caring, and encouraging. There are many resources at Conant – from free ipads, to free printing, to free tutoring, there’s everything you need in order to succeed!
My high school career at James B. Conant High School can only be described as evolving. I started freshmen year coming from a small private middle school with twenty kids in my graduating class. The teachers and staff were incredibly helpful in my transition and I quickly became involved with sports and other activities. Throughout my high school journey, I faced different obstacles in my personal life that also forced me to refocus my priorities. If it wasn't for my coaches and friends, I wouldn't have made it to college. My advisor helped me develo a plan that worked best for me.
Conant is a great academic school. Staff and teachers are always happy to help, and Conant offers plenty of tutoring if needed. Food is alright, but the cafeteria experience is very organized and clean, as well as the restrooms. Overall, the school is a great one to be apart of, even if you're not a student.
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Conant is a great school that provides an excellent education. My son has had a great experience here and has really enjoyed high school. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in sports and clubs, and the teachers are excellent.
Conant was a very political school. Although I had a great time for the most part... Students can be a handful here and rude. Most teachers are willing to go above and beyond and help most students. Some teachers do not care about students with disabilities or how they may learn differently... Regardless of IEP.
I liked all the academic opportunities and abundance of activities at Conant. I disliked the importance of popularity at Conant and the lack of diversity. Majority of the student body is white or Asian-American.
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