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James A. Green High School Reviews

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Dolgeville Central School is an unique learning environment where many different kids come together and become a tight knit community with each other.
Our high school is a close knit school where administrators are always looking out for the students!
The teachers at this school are very good at seeing potential in kids that don't necessarily see it in themselves. Speaking for myself I'm kind of a goof off at times and didn't really think to much of my grades I pull 80s and don't put a whole lot of effort in. There are a few teachers in this school who pulled me aside and spoke 1 on 1 with me about how I'm not tapping into my full potential and I'm finally starting to believe it myself . My grades have gone down this year compared to most yet these teachers give me opportunities to benefit from my mistakes. They truly do care.
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The community is small and they do not like change
Need to have more options for languages.
There are a lot of extracurricular activities
The school nurse is helpful if you are not feeling good. The resources are ok. The school is safe.
If I could do high school all over again, it would not be at this school. I would rather go to a bigger school in an urban setting because there are more options of school activities that are available to students. The reason that my school is unique is because the school eats, breathes and sleeps football.
Teachers and staff are very involved in helping students with their issues if they go to them or see an issue occurring. The small class sizes allow the teachers to be more involved with the students academic and personal issues. The dress code was always strictly enforced, bullying began becoming more of an eye opener for the administration if someone came forward about it. Many students however don't report bullying.
They don't accommodate for any vegetarians or vegans unless you eat a salad daily. I ended up bringing my own lunch everyday. You also aren't allowed to leave campus even if you're a senior. There isn't much variety, they would sometimes do a calzone or mac and cheese but nothing ever seemed strikingly healthy. They did have juices available very often and they also had breakfast options and a newly put in pizza area a few years ago.
A lot of funding went into the football teams but many students had to wear very old jerseys for other sports. There were the bare minimum sports to choose from, the coaches were usually often your teachers and not 100% sure of what they were doing. The school lacks a male's soccer team but has a track and field team which a surrounding school doesn't offer.
There were strange scheduling hours due to the amount of gym space within the school. The school has a mandatory "fifth block" that everyone remains in school for where they can meet with teachers as well as clubs/organizations so most students didn't have to stay late if they weren't involved in a sport, but a late bus was available to athletes.
The teachers at this school overall were very good to the students who wanted to succeed. The lessons were always planned ahead of time and we had a good amount of homework to accomplish. The teachers enjoyed pushing students to prepare them for college with various projects and papers, as well as different in class discussions.
There were very, very few exchange students at this school at any given point. Any student who was even remarkably different would be picked on. If anyone in the school was to come out as gay they would never hear the end of it. Football is so important at this school that there isn't even a boy's soccer team because you were picked on if you played soccer and not football.
I really enjoyed leaving this school and experiencing the world outside the small walls of James A Green. The teachers did a great job at warning students what reality would throw at them. Very few that graduated in 2011 went to their full potential.
The administration and staff go above and beyond their duties, to take care of our children.
The school offers CollegeNOW classes, which apply to your college entrance. This is a great opportunity for individuals to challenge themselves academically at the same time they are already diving on their college careers. The school makes every effort to make these classes affordable, so that anyone can be a part of this Dolgeville advantage.
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Equal to our administration, our staff wants what's best for our kids. They are quality teachers, driven to teach and challenge our children to become thinkers. They have diverse, creative teaching styles, geared to grow individuals. They are focused on instructing while encouraging success in the classroom and beyond. The teachers at Dolgeville are friendly. They want to get to know your child as his own person.
Our health teacher is an EMT and we have police visibility on campus. There are assemblies and programs given to address and prevent bullying, to encourage self worth and respect of oneself and others.
Our administration cares for each individual. This attention to our children stems to the teachers, and all faculty. They are there to help you take advantage of every opportunity and to grow disciplined successful people, that will not only excel in the school setting, but in their future.
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