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James A. Garfield Senior High School Reviews

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Garfield is a school that is very welcoming to new students I would know since I started my senior year at Garfield as I have not previously attended the past 3 years. The only thing I would like to see change is the current condition of the school's field as it is run down and needs to be re-done.
Well, my experience at Garfield HS has been great except that I would like to see a few changes. The majority of the teachers are passionate but there are others that are there and don’t really teach. We also need more resources and improvement with class size.
I love this school because this place is historical. They would have best security and the football is the best every year they play. The teachers are fun. It was the best 4 years. This high school is rivals with Roosevelt high school.
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I like how they make everything a priority especially students the only thing I’d like to see a change is more art programs
I liked the teachers and the way some of them were so passionate about the classes they taught. However, just like any other school, students may get some teachers that although they know the material have a hard time teaching it to the students. I also liked how the school valued grades and sending their students to college so that we can grow as individuals. I do think they need to work on being able to talk to students more because when I was there it felt as though if an altercation arose between students, they didn't always know how to best handle it. They should also give better food for students that they would actually enjoy to eat.
James A Garfield High school does provide and excellent way for students to be engaged and motivated. They are an outlet for students to be exposed with extracurricular activities and sports. They have a welcoming atmosphere and take initiative for their students.
By far my favorite thing about Garfield High School is the atmosphere. Everyone truly belives they attend a school of winners, and to be apart of a sport just adds on to that feeling, it's a feeling you get when you're apart of something bigger than yourself. You can't take that away from Garfield and it's East LA Pride. As a student attending Garfield it's clear only the AP and high honors teachers are really dedicated and really do care about you as an individual. The general classes are a pain but it's needed to graduate.
Well, my experience in Garfield High School was pretty much good. The teacher were there if you needed them. They offered help to students that needed it. Also, the the school did well in keeping it a safe school.
The school was very inviting at first, administrators said they would allow students to express themselves. Later on, administrators and counselors prohibited students from expressing their point of views on what should the school due to better the environment.
James A. James Garfield high school offers a range of clubs, organizations and college programs that definitely helped develop my persona and beliefs in high school.
Garfield High School is an excellent school, they offer a lot of extra curricular and academic programs to keep students busy, creative, and involved in the school and the community. They have a great support system, starting off with the supportive teachers and councilors all the way to the supportive students.
It’s going to be my last year at James Garfield school and all I can say is that I’m going to miss being there. Although it has it negative ;for example,not having many language courses but it also has it positive;for example, helping us be ourselves without any one judging us.
My experience has been very stressful at Garfield. However, its for the best and I appreciate the environment around me. Most people don't slack off and wish to achieve their goal. This makes a competitive environment, yet in a good way because it pushes people to move forward. As for me, this has worked greatly and I have accomplished so much. However, I would like to see new materials because some of our textbooks are falling apart.
Although James A. Garfield is a great school, it could be even better if it received more funding that would go into the clubs and sport teams.
I had an amazing experience at Garfield High School. It is a very supportive environment for students. The staff is very helpful, warm, and welcoming. Students are encouraged to strive to become better than how we are portrayed, especially because the majority of students are considered a minority. The college center is especially helpful for juniors and seniors. They always have scholarships written in the board and reminders for deadlines. They also have student peers that are trained to help other students fill out important applications for college and financial aid. They really go above and beyond to make sure you go to college and continue your education. They generally care about the students.
Garfield High School is a very good school and the teachers are very caring and helpful. Most people may say it’s boring but it depends on how you spend your time there. Everyone is there to help or tried to. One thing that I’d like to see change is the helpers in the college center. It was always very packed and sometimes the helpers wouldn’t focus on one person. Over all Garfield is a good school because there’s a lot of students and a lot of clubs, sports or activities to join.
Garfield High School is a very nice and wonderful high school where I go to. I get the chances of having things for free. We get opportunities that many other high schools don't/not offer their students. Garfield has the most helpful college center ever where you get to ask your questions if you ever have any.
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Its a great school to go to. They accept their students for who they are. They have some of the greatest teachers that i have ever met that are actually willing to help their students and support the different ideas and artistic talents they have.
I specifically like the College center that my high school offers. The counselors there are very knowledgeable in many areas including how to apply to college and how to maintain above average grades. However, the safety around my school worries me because we are always on lockdown. Also, the food is terrible. Often, the milk is expired and the food is cold.
What I really like about Garfield would be that they provide any type of help to make sure any student gets an opportunity to attend a very prestigious college. Counselors become very close to a student however, only if that student commits to their own education. It all comes to be how much the student is willing to try in order to succeed. If a student needs guidance, teachers at Garfield will more than gladly find ways to help that child go through the right path.
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