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James A. Garfield High School Reviews

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With my experience, James A. Garfield High School has always put me in the best position to succeed. From what kind of classes I have, to how the teachers work with you.
I like attending James A. Garfield High School. The teachers are understanding, helpful, personable, and nice people. They always make sure things are okay and making sure you are always doing your best. Everyone is always so nice. I like the freedom we are given at this school. They give you responsibility once it is earned and tests you to make sure you are worthy of the responsibility that is given. It is easy to succeed when you have everyone rooting and helping you along the way. The only thing I would change about my school is punishment. I think some of the think the punishment given is too light or they are let off with a warning. Sometimes the teachers are too nice and want to see the good in people so bad that they lighten punishments. I agree with them giving people shots, but when they continue to ruin those chances I think they should make harsher punishments for those who need it. To not only punish a kid but make the environment better for everyone else in the school.
I have enjoyed my high school experience. The one thing that I would like to see changed is the food choices. We get served chicken for lunch 2-4 days out of the week. If they could change it up a little bit it would make the lunches more enjoyable.
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My experience at my school was very good. The teachers and administrators were very good, they cared about how you are doing and if you needed help with anything they were there to help. During high school I have made some really good friends who made going through school much better. If I could change something it would be the way they treat kids who do not care about school and the attitude of the underclassmen. Most of the underclassmen are rude to the teachers, and they do not listen and are always causing trouble.
James A. Garfield High School has given me the opportunity to develop beyond the small town it is located within. Creating friendships and having the constant support of the faculty and staff has made my high school experience more pleasant than I could have ever expected.
They have a decent amount of activities like theatre, sports, OMUN, and volunteer groups like interact club and the national honor society.
It's a good school compared to many others in the general area.
They really care about the students and their education.
This school is unique because the teachers and students are very close. Anyone can say anything to a teacher and they will understand. Most people don't get in trouble because the teachers and the principal is very understanding. Teachers really enjoy working there because they aren't stressed out about anything, they come to teach us new things and have fun doing so. I wouldn't choose this school again just because it's not the right school for me. I love the atmosphere of it, but my school is very small. Each grade only has about 125 students. I have always wanted to go to a bigger school. I would recommend it to parents though.
The teachers all are very involved with us. They give us help if we need it and extra work when we want it.
The school had excellent rating for 9 years
It depended on the teachers and when it was.
Teachers had favorite students and would help them more.
You had to fit in with the people in the club
I went to the vocational school so I feel like I was ready for college.
Our school has great parents and coaches as a support system and they help make every experience one to walk away from.
most of the sports work out
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that take your temperature and everything else.
you can get on the internet when you don't know something.
We have monthly fire drills and lock down test, that no one takes seriously because they know it's a drill. There aren't any police or special security measures, but probably because we've never needed them. No one's ever caused enough chaos and teachers think it's cool when fights happen.
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