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James A. Arthur Intermediate School Reviews

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Focus is placed on having everyone pass the STAAR test. If you are working above grade level your needs are ignored. Lots of time will be spent reading for pleasure.
I think their are many good teachers who care about the children. But lack of leadership from administration is a problem. Also, many teachers can not control the classroom. Students can't learn because the classmates are being disruptive, talking, getting out of their seats, etc...
All the good teachers have resigned because the school leadership is very poor. If your child is working above grade level his/her needs are ignored because they will pass the STAAR tests. Also, the superintendent has publicly stated that he wouldn't let his children be placed in gifted and talented classes. This attitude is why the GT classes have been all but eliminated.
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Bullying is a very serious problem. The school has not been effective in any of their attempts to control it.
Almost no after school activities
Bullying is a terrible problem which no one seems to be concerned about. Also, enormous sums of money are spent on athletics, which would be fine except the schools don't have money for their basic needs. The schools send home notes asking for parents to donate copy paper because they don't have money to buy anymore. The teachers have to tell kids what the copies say, because they don't have money for toner either. You don't have to believe me, look at the athletic facilities and how much money is spent on them, then tell me if that is a reasonable amount of money to be spent on that one niche. The school district spends less money per student than the Texas average - and Texas is ranked 37th in the country for per student spending. Money is not the answer to all the schools problems but basic supplies must be made available to teachers.
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