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I like the number of sports offered in this school. There is such a wide variety that you are bound to find something, such as fencing, track, bowling and more. There is also lots of APs offered here, such as Psychology, Biology, Computer Science, Calculus and so much more. This school is rather small, so you would be able to get to know everyone and your guidance counselors will actually be able to help you. The counselors are so sweet, and they will help and guide you through highschool and into college.
Small student body so its ve y comfortable. Academics are good and have variety of classes that are potential forthe future.
this school is a bad school. i am a student so I know the environment. most of the students don't care about school and get really bad grades. The students are bad influences and the school itself has a negative environment. My review is that its one of the worst schools anyone can go to. Its just bad..some of the teachers think they are ur friends. most of the students don't care about school and its filled with teachers who are bullies. i wish I could give this no stars but there is no option like that. if u don't believe me, just send your child here for a few months and tell me if this school made him better or worse. music teacher is crazy. good luck if u have music. do not go here guys im serious. only good thing is my guidance counselors. they are nice to u if u are having a problem. otherwise the kids are bad and teachers are bad.
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Clubs, activities and tutoring after school makes me appreaciate this school. Not only does this school prepares to be proficient in my academics but teaches me to become successful
I'm going to miss this school. Im graduating and this school helped me a lot. Not only did the teachers help but the activities and clubs gave me a passion to chase my dreams. Thank you jamica gateway to the sciences
This School is really good school. Theres clubs for anything. Teachers care about their students so much. Please come to this school you wont regret it
Jamaica gateway has So many clubs. Any clubs you think about it It's already there. School is safe because theres no bullies and teachers will help their students anytime
Jamaica gateway is such a great school. Alot of programs, clubs, and sports. The teachers care about their students soooooo much and this is why I love this school. Jamaica gateway prepares you for college
We should have more opportunities like programs and free SAT prep ! This school has great teachers who are willing to help. The guidance counselor, Mr. Tai is very helpful and inspiring. He constantly checks up on you and builds a close relationship with each and every one of his students.
Honestly this school could use some work. They constantly make new rules and make students more confused about classwork than regualr. The teachers here seem to have their own perspective of the students attending the school. The teachers are know to have their own little groups making it harder for students to approach them regarding classwork.
The skills I gained from this school are applicable to life. Be presentative, flexibility in any situations, determination are the most important things in life that my school teaches me. Since my school is more diverse it is amazing to get a chance to study globally. Different people from different culture give us the different point of views and multiple ideas. We learn together from each others' mistake. The teachers are so cooperative to teach a student properly. Being in National Honors Society I get a chance to do teacher assistant, which let me have a bit of teacher's experience.
Jamaica was a very small school, which meant you had one-on-one services with staff and weren't neglected
jamaica gateway is ok but beware of the music teacher. all he does is yell and scream at classes. he alkso is perverted and hangs and says and does things with girls that are disgusting. be careful. other teachers are ok, guidance ok. easy to pass classes if u do work. only an average school
Gateway is a small school, so there is a lot of one on one with students. Just focus and my best advice would be not to procrastinate and sometimes its good to have a small circle.
To be honest the school is great overall. But the teachers have so much attitude and they give you classes you don't even need and force you to take AP just so the school can look good. But I mean I love it because my friends go there :)
I am going into my senior year and have liked the school so far. Ms. Rosen is great. She cares about her students and always makes time to speak to anyone when they are upset. She helps push you and encourages you to get involved. The teachers are nice and care for students. Make-up work is always taken but try not to fall too far behind. If you work hard, then you will get a lot out of this school with AP classes, honors classes, and good college results.
Jamaica Gateway to the Sciences is a decent school. The teachers are pretty good, there are a lot of clubs to join, and since it's a small school you will feel more comfortable. What I honestly don't like is how a number of classes in the school are limited, especially the ap classes.
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I'm a freshman going into my sophomore year and I have made many friends. The clubs here at the school make it very enjoyable and also make you feel more at home. I'd say the favorite teams that I have bonded with are the swim team and Law team from personal experience. You are given many opportunities throughout the school year and get to go on many trips. The teachers are very welcoming in fact, I don't think there isn't a teacher that I haven't met in some way or another. The school is a little so the teachers can focus on student individually if they require help. There are students that take their academics very seriously when it comes down to it. They have many different sports in this school as well such as the football, swimming, fencing, soccer, volleyball, and softball. The bonds developed with these teams are strong.
My experience at Jamaica Gateway was one of much learning and growing. The teachers and faculty always saw my potential and constantly pushed me in the right direction. I am very grateful to have been a part of such a nurturing and community based environment.
I am a student at this school, I fine that she school is rather unorganized in certain areas. Then their is the fact that the students have trust issues with some staff members(mainly the councillors), this is only because some of them have a track record for breaking agreements that are made verbally.
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