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This school is going to get you to college and accepted into at least two of them that you apply to, but its up to you to give it your all and actually take school serious. they walk you through not only high school but college as well.
Jalen Rose Leadership Academy is a pretty good school I have been attending this school since my sophomore year and this school has been great to me academically especially when it came to the college process. The only issue is that I the senior experice has not been the best.
I liked how structured they are . Basically they helped me become the person I am today. They don’t have a problem helping you get back in forth to wherever you need to be they are very hands on at this point. They basically are like a big family to me they won’t let you fail. It’s either you pass or you pass . Failing is not a option at Jalen Rose.
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I enjoy JRLA's environment and family based school environment. My only true problem is that the majority of the teachers leave before the students can truly learn something important.
My Experience at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy for the two years I’ve been there have been fantastic. Even though we don’t have all the extracurricular activities anyone could ask for they give you the opportunity to start your own and get a sponsor for it through the school. They are very focused on academics, family oriented, and graduation rates are at a 95%. And they prepare us for college and take us through the whole process even after we leave and go off the college, trade, or army. They follow us all the way until we go to and graduate college. The school has very great parent involvement and each parent in the parents group treat each student like their own. They offer scholarships through the American Promise Schools District and offer more help than most schools in Detroit offer.
What I like about JRLA is the support and passion most of our current administrators have. They try their best to set us straight and gain the right necessities to be very successful in our current and adult years. I do notice they do all they can to shape us as students into better beings. It’s a lot of things I want to be better such as the attire, food, more freedom but honestly it could be worst. So I’m still grateful about the environment and opportunities.
I love Jalen Rose Leadership Academy from them preparing us for college to their excellent after school activities. A change I would like to see is for them to be a little more considerate of the scholars ideas.
This school was focused strictly on academics. Although many outside programs are offered, this school makes sure every scholar gets what he or she needs to be successful through high school until college graduation.
Jalen Rose Leadership Academy prepared us for success, not only in education, but in the real world. They also taught us The true meaning respect, leadership, and family. We had so many opportunities to meet with professionals and visit several college campuses.
JRLA has very great staff. They know how to make you feel welcomed. Jalen Rose Leadership Academy's main goal is to get students to college and through college.
Jalen Rose Leadership Academy helps students prepare for college and helps scholars getting in great colleges
My experience at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy has been great. I have met some wonderful people and teachers. I like how small it is because it's easy to get around. If I could change anything about the school it would be the demerit system.
Jalen Rose Leadership academy is a strong, family focused School. College readiness and success is assured when you're a student here, and in a way, all students are involved in the school. The only thing I'd like to see change is the relationship between everyone there to get closer.
I had been attending Jalen Rose Leadership since 9th grade, I can honestly say it was very fun. Each year it got harder and harder but the school had a very good support team. Teachers would help students out when needed. The school help me become a better leader.
I Like The Amount Of Help Im Getting In The School. I love the family oreinted staff and students around me. The school needs soem improvements though with the size and to loosen their strictness.
What I like about Jalen Rose Leadership Academy is that they make sure we graduate. There's a low percentage of students that do not graduate. But I can say the school does their part on making sure we are prepared and take the right path towards getting into college. Besides college acceptances, the teachers get involved in their students learning and tries to make sure we understand the teachings. The atmosphere is comfortable and embracing. They teach us values such as respect, family and others. The goal of Jalen Rose Leadership Academy is to help us and make sure we're prepared to succeed not only for graduation but in the long run.
Jalen Rose Leadership Academy is one of the best schools in Detroit. From the competent teachers and friendly staff, spending my school years at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy has made me become an intellectual human being. The curriculum here will have you thinking and being engage.
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My experience at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy is great. They told me how to become a leader. They taught me how to get my act together,a nd stop playing because life is rough and they just want us us ready.
my experience at Jalen Rose was kinda different because i barely new people there.All of the teachers there was nice to me and i really appreciate them for that.I told my self 9th grade,10th grade,and 11th grade i was gonna make it to 12th grade and graduate and be the first in my family to go to college.For the most part Jalen Rose actually changed my life i found my self in a better position then i was last time and i feel like i can carry that to where ever i want to go and that is my passion.So to wrap this up i will rate this school the best because its by far the professional school i have ever been to and i wish all the students who wants to attend this school a good luck.
I've been attending Jalen Rose Leadership Academy ever since 9th grade. Over the years I've grew alongside with the school as well. The school strives for success in each in every student no matter the differences. I will forever be a Jaguar because of the family oriented school I'm currently attending. I'm grateful for my school for doing so much and even risking there own jobs just to see all of us succeed.
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