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Jal High School is in a small town, and is a school with excellent teachers. Almost every kid and faculty member know each other, and have grown to create relationships that will last forever. With the school being so little, everyone knows everyone, which makes the learning environment comforting. It makes learning fun, and easier for the kids to talk to the teachers. I enjoyed my years throughout Jal High, and couldn't of done it without the help of the excellent teaching.
I would choose this school again if I could because of the community support you have and knowing everyone makes it that much fun.
the food has veggies and fruits with a protein filled meal
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The teachers and principal do involve the parents very much. Bullying, dress code, and attendance are very important to my school.
The teaches help you understand the lesson and are also very patient with every student.
We have great coaches and athletic directors that support the athletes and fans in our performances. Students support their classmates and friends every game.
You have sports for everyone to join and its great because students can participate without worrying about tryouts or cuts or not being able to become part of the team.
Everyone gets along with each other.
The school makes sure that when there is problem with bullying it get taking care of.
Being raised in a small town at school know a every one and gets along. Everyone pretty much get along and supports each other.
The food is he food at school is OK but not everybody eats there we get to go off campus for lunch. They make a menu each month for us . The cafeteria is nice keep it clean every day and they make sure the students that eat there get enough .
Principle and others make sure you receive the help when needed .
The track and softball teams do well well at events.
The teachers make sure that you get help when needed. They offer to tutoring after school and make sure you understand.
At school there is he opportunity to play sports and enter the national honor society and student council club
The food is alright. Most of the food on the menus is pretty good but most days it isn't. The cafeteria does have healthy food options.
The athletics are good. The gym is nice. There are plenty of sports opportunities and the games are well attended. The P.E. classes have recently been more focused on physical fitness . The school has made the weight room more available.
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Jal High enforces dress and hygiene codes properly.
This school is really a great school to attend. I felt ready to go to college from day 1.
The school buildings at Jal high are for the most part strong and in great shape. They do need a little work on them but it all paint jobs.
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