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Jaime Escalante Middle School Reviews

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Just like any school the teachers try to teach the students as much as they know and more then they can. Every subject is very elaborate and if a student does not understand something the teacher always takes their time to help them understand.
One of the very first things that was told to us as students was that we needed to treat each other with respect. Respect is what has the bullying under control in my opinion. Having respect and responsibilities allows the students to be smart enough to not harm one another as well as protect one another.
In my opinion I believe that this school allows all students from different types to come together and join clubs where they may feel at home and not alone. There are activities for all different arts such as Orchestra, Choir, Basketball, Dance and etc.
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I had entered this school in the middle of the semester and the school just wept me off my feet. Teachers are what make this school unique because they really care for these students as if they were their own.
The teachers at this school are a helping hand and do seem to care about the future of the students, but when the student shows that they don`t care about their life the teachers seem to slack off in caring for them as well when they should continue pushing to move forward.
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