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Jacqueline M. Walsh School for the Performing & Visual Arts Reviews

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Jacqueline M Walsh School for the Performing Arts in Pawtucket, RI is a very average school. I enjoy being able to study my art here, but it has its downfalls.
JMW allowed me to become openminded with many varying personalities. I really enjoyed my four years at jmw.
In the four years I attended JMW I have learned so much as an artist and how to perfect my craft. I learned how to take criticism and use it to improve my performances and myself. This school taught me how to have an open mind in any situation I'm in. It also taught me to well-rounded and take every opportunity I'm given to let my voice be heard. JMW has provided a various amount of performance opportunities and guest artist visits which were absolutely amazing and inspiring.
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This school gave me the best years of my life. The teachers are 100% committed to giving you the best education. Being the small school it is, you get the opportunity to get close to your peers and teachers. Your teachers get to know you on a personal level and know who you are as a learner. The arts and academics are tied beautifully at JMW as you can relate things in your major to things you are learning in class. The arts course are rigorous, college level curriculums with the teachers working in their respected fields. You're encouraged as a student to go outside and try different electives in the different arts. I myself, am a theatre major and have taken several music electives and loved it. This school and the people who attend are the best. This is an amazing school for anyone who knows that their passion is the arts.
JMW was an interesting experience. While the student body is very unique and the school culture is enjoyable, it took up until this year for the school to fix the moldy ceiling tiles and realize that the partitions were a fire hazard. The Senior Seminar program helped me ready myself for college. The administration was mostly focused on Jenks, the junior high we share a building with, until this year as well. There are no sports teams, which makes sense considering we're a tiny performing arts school. The food is your average public school food. The bathrooms are disgusting, aside from the nurse's bathroom. The temperature in the school is also very inconsistent. However, there are many good teachers with good senses of humor and interesting curriculum. It is a school I would recommend, especially since the changes that have been made this year.
My overall experience at JMW has been great. This school offers you a lot of chances to be in the " real world ". With different types of internships that you can participate in. Being a student is amazing at jmw. we get to enjoy performing art field trips all together as one school, and with it being so small were all very close. You get to major in one specific art weither it maybe dance , music , theater , or visual art. we do not have a sports team so you could join the surrounding areas teams.
All parents care for the arts.
The teachers here really want us to succeed.
There are great opportunities corresponding to each major.
This school is so unique because of the small class sizes and the fact that art is incorporated into the curriculum.
The teachers at this school do their best to prepare you for college.
The school is kind of safe but getting safer.
There aren't many extra curricular activities at the moment other than honors club. I strongly believe that as the school expands this problem will change and there will be a lot more opportunities for students.
The teachers, since you have them for 3 years, know each student very well. They take their time to stay after school or come early whenever you need it. I know this from personal experience from struggling in math.
This school was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's small enough so that you can know all of your classmates and create close relationships with your teachers. It is the least judge mental and most accepting school I have ever seen. It is a friendly and caring environment. I would recommend this school to anyone who was considering it!
Small school with lots of diversity that is very accepting of the LBGTQ community.
Could be better, could be worse. Teachers do care about students.
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School is EXTREMELY unsanitary, there is little security, and lack of communication amongst teachers and administrators.
Students activities include JMW's Knights of Shining Improv (Improv Troupe), Chorus (During School), After School Arts Activities, Student Council, and Honors club. The quality of such activities are average.
There are limited resources for arts and academic classes, very unsanitary and crammed facilities, inconsistent scheduling, as well as a sub-par administration. However, there are good teachers who teach you get the most out of your education, and have a respect for the arts.
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