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Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis High School Reviews

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I like that the school is in Times Square the location is great.What i don’t like about the school is the lack of Extra curriculum activities.There is very minimum activities to do.
Going to JKO Highschool in the city is a very different experience, But Overall I love it Getting to see Times Square everyday and being around a variety of different talented people , I don’t think anything needs to be changed . The time we start & get out of school is very adaptable ! Mostly all trains have close stops to the school to get you to there so you have different options. I love going to school in the city !! From the train ride to my school being in the heart of New York ! Supper different experience for me
I absolutely loved my time at Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The teachers at this school are motivated to help you and continually assist you when you struggle with any subject. Additionally, because the school is located in times square, most of the students are all over NYC! You will not be disappointed by the academics here.
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Joke highschool is a great school where smart talented students strive to succeed. I would like for the bathroom rule to change. There’s a rule where 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after the bell students are not allowed to use the restroom. It’s a safe measure to prevent student cutting yet it’s not mindful for those who actually need to use the restroom before or after the bell.
Although teachers and staff are great people, the children there can be out of control. Somethings to suggest is more sports club and a need of a gym.
JKO it's a pretty good school! The teachers are really nice and they encourage students a lot. One thing that I would like to change is the the way students get too comfortable with the environment sometimes.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School is like any regular high school. The teachers and staff have to be the best part of the school experience because they're all extremely helpful and genuinely care about their students. It is easy to make friends since it's such a small school. It is located in the middle of Times Square so there is always something to do in the area. The school offers many great opportunities to its students, and there are endless things to do including dance, National Honors Society, Video Game Club, Virtual Enterprise, Smash Arts in partnership with the Roundabout Theater, Basketball, Table Tennis and Volleyball teams, plus the various Advanced Placement courses they offer. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis gives equal opportunities to all of its students and that is why I think it is a great school.
I like their Virtual Enterprise International program because it got me interested in Accounting. In addition I learned how a company works and made connections with NBC Universal and Viacom. They also have amazing dance concerts that I love to participate in.
I extremely regret not transferring when I had the chance. Students are definitely not performing where they should be in respect to their grade level. This is due to passing grades being handed out despite a student not putting in the effort and work. As a senior headed off to college in less than a year, I am disgusted by my peer's inability to recognize MLA format and produce coherent essays. If you are seeking a valuable education and a cohort of motivated students who genuinely want to learn, DO NOT COME HERE!
It's an okay school. I liked it there, but there were no actual gym and the extra curricular they say they have, they don't. Academically, everything is alright. But, I wish they'd at least have a girls basketball team.
My overall experience in my school Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School is pretty much moderate. I say this because I'd never want to knock the teachings of an overall good teacher, yet there are some who are under active. Some teachers and staff in the school actually care for us students and other don't. I've learned a lot in the school but I wish I could've have been inspired and motaviated a bit more. I feel like the school doesn't push us and urge us to want to attend college. The students in the school are also very careless and inact in very vulgar behavior, the maintenance of the school could be a bit better. I also wish they had more clubs and extracurricular activities for us to participate in. To be fair the school isn't the worst school ever but it definitely could use some improvements.
They don't care to help you with a better schedule at all. They carry nasty attitudes and are very lazy.
Jko is not the place to get social.
It's not the best, never felt safe, I almost got jumped by about 10 girls and no staff nor security was around, they knew about the situation.
They hold events that benefits them.
No parents attend anything. They don't invite parents personally. The students invite parents for shows. The faculty only invites parents for suspensions and issues.
Every teacher is different, most teachers are great though.
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This part of the school is extremely bad as there are only two teams that can not practice in the school due to the small size of it and they are force to waste their own time to accommodate the school.
The school environment is the worst i have seen through my four years the lack of funds for almost anything is very notable as of the limited size of the school and the lack of many activities that should be there for the students to enjoy.
Although the teachers in the school are very friendly people that are approachable and try to help all students no matter what. The lack of control in the class and the not engaging lesson they give is a big problem for my self and many students in my school
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