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Attending Jacksonville High School was formative, eventful, and a time for great growth. The administration is absolutely centered around making things as good for the kids' learning opportunities as possible. The teachers were some of the most influential adults in my young adult life, and they were all extremely committed to preparing us to work for success. There was a great deal of school spirit, and the events were fun and spirited. The resources were only average when I was there, as it is not an affluent campus - 82% of our school district is economically disadvantaged - but after a recent bond passed, the school is now building new buildings and renovating classrooms. It is really a great place to spend four of the most formative years of your life.
My overall experience with Jacksonville High School has been great. I am on the Varsity Tennis team as well as a member of the Jacksonville Fighting Indians Band. I have been fortunate enough to be Drum Major during my Junior and Senior school years. My experience with the JISD staff have also been great and I will leave with fond memories of my high school years.
Jacksonville High school is a great school because of the traditions we have. these traditions are what keep us together and it is what helps us make unforgettable memories.
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JHS is a wonderful school with many opportunities in pathway, sports, or clubs. As a JHS graduate and parent of enrolled student, I couldn't ask for a more caring district.
I loved the great work most teachers were doing in preparing the students for college. They worked hard in helping the students decide what college would suit them best both mentally and economically. Something I would like to see change is the cleanliness of the campus. They could be doing a better job in keeping the facility cleaner.
Since I've been going to JHS for four years, I've had an amazing experience. The teachers are hard working and the administrators are always there to make sure everything in our school goes right.
The workload given can be easily managed. Teachers are also really understanding of those involved in extra curricular activities!
There is conflict with peers that bash homosexuals at the school.
The most popular organizations are cheerleading,drill team, and the majorettes! National Honor Society and Key Club are well liked also!
Jacksonville high school is unique because it's strictly based from tradition! My favorite experiences were being a dance team officer and performing under the Friday night lights.
The teachers at JHS are interact well with students and want to see them succeed. They have a variety of ways to teach a lesson whether it's using a models, websites, or diagrams.
There is a variety of affordable and fun extracurricular activities at Jacksonville High School. Some types are HOSA, FFA, Art club, Student council, Key club, and the National honor society. These clubs are supported by the administration and involve fun after school activities.
My experience at Jacksonville High School has been outstanding. During my freshman, sophomore, and junior I was a member of FFA. FFA was like a second family to me. The ag teachers encouraged all students to engage in FFA and join CDE and LDE teams.My junior and senior year I have also been a member of the national honor society which has taught me many ways to give back to my community. I am now in a pharmacy technician class and a member of HOSA. These classes and groups have taught me that their is more to school than just regular classes. These classes prepare you for your future careers and teach you many skills along the way. I would do it all over again if I had the chance just to be even more involved.
The teachers at Jacksonville High School are very committed to helping students learn new material and engage in classroom activities to practice their skills. Most teachers genuinely care about their students. The teachers are very intelligent and pass on their wisdom to the students. Many teachers show great interest in the students and helping them to their best ability. The teachers speak to the students with respect and try to explain things the best way possible. The teachers grade according to the completion and accuracy of your work.
There is a no bullying poliy at this school and It will not be treated lightly.As for personal security and police go, there is a guard shack outside the school by the gates with a guard stopping visitors going in and out. The nurse is a a little of the same way. She will make you sign in, then she'll give you the medication you need.
There are plently of clubs you could join. A few of them are called key club, art club, chess club, glolf club, the most one known is called cherokee charmers. It is a competatitive dance squade that that dances at competitions and football games.
My life in high school was great. I loved the teachers, friends' and my school. Just the whole experice was fun. If I could do it all over again I would probably would want to enjoy culinary arts. I took that class for three years and it was the best three years of my life.
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The teachers at this schools are helpful to those who need it. The lectures are usually different with each time we come in so we don't get bored. However, we usually play a little warm up game at the beginning off class or watch a small eduacational clip to get the blood pumping before we get started with class. When we do, that's when the real conversation starts and everyone gets a chance to talk.
A majority of the teachers at this school are great. They like to help student gain the knowledge they deserve.
They take care of the problem at hand instantly.
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