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Jacksonville High School is a very good school, the community is safe and comforting. There are great teachers, classes and overall opportunities.
Safety has been a concern although the 2018-2019 school year new safety protocols with students and parents have improved. I believe it will continue to improve as funds are allowed. JHS has excellent administrative and teachers who genuinely care about the students excelling and ready for college or job readiness.
I feel the environment tries to be inclusive but isn't.However most teachers are very good and admin is great and helpful. There are many clubs to get involved with and the music program is awesome. The worst thing would that it NEEDS updates.
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I liked how diverse the school was but i'd like to see the administration change to fit the students best interests.
I wenr to Jacksonville high school go for all 4 years of my high school career. It's not a bad school if you really dive into the culture of the campus. The time I spent was very enjoyable for the most part. The food wasn't all that great but the if you hang around the right people everything else won't seem that bad. The administration really does there best with the students and you can tell the a lot of them care. At times the schoIL can be overwhelming especially during your junior and senior because of the senior project but if you pay attention, make good grades and make good relationships then your time at Jacksonville high will be great.
I was glad that I have the opportunity to participate in the IB program, however, I felt that there still are not many options for classes. Throughout Onslow County there is a lack of consistency in classes offered among schools.
It is disgusting. Students act ridiculous. Kids have weed/drugs and teachers do nothing about it. So prettt much, I’m just getting high while the teacher doesn’t do anything about the drugs.
Jacksonville High School is a good quality school. We are very big on god education and gets very excited about school activities such as sports and theater plays.
My parents, my sister and I have all graduated from JHS. The teachers, faculty and all staff are a close knit family. We even have the greatest and most caring custodians. It has been great being a Cardinal.
I liked that Jacksonville High had so much pride and some teachers are good at what they do and creative to help give students the best learning experience, but also there are teachers who are just there for their check. Can't let one bad apple spoil the rest. Lunches could be better. I was always scared I would get food poisoning from under-cooked foods.
Jacksonville High School is pretty lackluster. It doesn't stand out in many areas. It doesn't offer as many courses as other NC high schools, though there are a few academic benefits such as the IB program and the number of Spanish courses available. Most of the teachers are either average or rude, with only a select few being outstanding teachers. There are hardly any clubs. The students at the school are rude and bigoted. The diversity in the school is the only excellent thing about it. The food tastes like cardboard. The buildings are old and cockroach infested, and the breezeways drip when it rains. The parking lot floods and certain buildings such as the art building aren't covered by the breezeway, so you better have an umbrella and boots when it rains. The bathrooms are filthy. The campus is wide open and anyone could enter it, so it's not very safe. I do appreciate the teachers and administration who try their best to improve this school. Mr. C is an excellent principal.
There is a lot that needs to change...starting with education. Many students find it hard to excel in their studies because of classroom interruptions and distractions.
I've been at Jacksonville high for 4 years, this is my last year here. The staff are amazing and they actually care about you, your grades, and your overall success in life. The IB and AP programs are top notch, and help you get ahead of other students. The programs allow you to take college level classes while your still in high school, and allow you to have the chance to take an exam at the end of the year that allows you to get college credit if you pass it. The clubs are amazing we have two clubs that are for students to branch out and help the community. Our JHS clubs adopt a family in need ever Christmas to make sure that the family won't want for nothing. We have many clubs and societies to fit any persons future careers, from building, to science, to heath care providers.
My experience at Jacksonville High School has been one of the most stressful experiences of my life. If i had a choice to go to another school i would but since it is my senior year and only have few more months to go I am going to push through this experience and graduate.
My favorite part about being a student at Jacksonville High School, was the overwhelming presence of diversity that stemmed from living in a military town. I had the opportunity to meet and engage with kids my age that are from all corners of the world. The teachers not only make an effort to help students succeed academically, but in the real world as well.
What I like about Jacksonville High School is that the teachers help you in every way they can. The different curriculum's are also based on what you want to do in college or university. Some thing's I think could be changed is that the resources could be updated and also I feel that there could be more tutoring sessions than just 2 days a week.
At Jacksonville I have been given many opportunities to be a leader. I have been give numerous opportunities to pursue my love for music and feel very supported by the staff and administration.
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All the teachers at Jacksonville High School are very involved with their students and care about their education.
Great school with a lot of opportunities ! Staff is great, but the school is old and needs a major revamp. Many of the bathroom stalls don't lock, there are pieces of ceilings missing, and alot of the buildings have an unusual smell.
What i like about Jacksonville High School is that there are teachers here who actually care about us. Yes sometimes it can be a bit bad here but the education i get here i really love it.
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